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Top 10 Stupid Things Said by Conservative Idiots

I got this from Oreilly funny site is Sweet Jesus ,I hate Bill Oreilly.These are real sites.

Top 10 Stupid Things Said by Conservative Idiots
By: Steve - November 14, 2008 - 11:15am

10) Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity are saying this is an "Obama Recession" when George W. Bush is the President, and he has been for 8 years. Obama does not even take office until January 20, of next year, so it's ridiculous to blame him for anything.

9) Sarah palin is still talking about Joe The Plummer, even though he has been discredited as a fraud and a liar. he lied about buying a busines, he lied about the income for the business, and he lied about the Obama tax plan.

8) All the Conservatives on TV and Radio, from O'Reilly to Limbaugh are saying the Democrats are trying to steal the election in the Minnesota Senate recount with Al Franken and Norm Coleman. When there is no evidence to prove that, and the state's Republican governor even said there is none. The recount will be done at 100 counting locations, and each side will have an observer there to watch it, the media will be there, and so will members of the public, so cheating will be impossible.

7) Dennis Miller said the left hate Sarah Palin because she has a great sex life, which is just ridiculous. The left hate her because she is a stupid right-wing fool, who is extreme pro-life, and a creationist nut-job who has witchcraft protection prayers done on her by preachers from Africa. And how does Miller know she has a great sex life, he admitted that he has never met her, or talked to her.

6) Virtually every Anchor at FOX News, from O'Reilly to Brit Hume is reporting the bogus absentee ballots left in a car story in Minnesota. The whole story is a lie put out by Norm Colemans attorney. He even later admitted he was wrong the same day, but the liars at FOX News keep reporting the story anyway.

5) Bill O'Reilly claims the ACLU has been silent about Joe The Plummer having his private info looked at. When it's a lie, they have spoke out many times about it, wrote letters to the editor of newspapers, wrote about it on the state and federal ACLU website, and posted links to articles about it on their websites.

4) Dick Morris and Sean Hannity claim the stock market is dropping because of Barack Obama. When it goes down 300 or 400 points, they blame Obama, but when it goes up 800 or 900 points they dont give him credit for that, they only blame him when it goes down. All the financial experts (including the FOX News Business experts) say it's going down because of the wall street bailout, job losses, high unemployment claims, low consumer confidence, the housing crisis, the credit crisis, planned layoffs, and low future sales estimates from Best Buy and Wal-Mart.

3) Media Research Center president Brent Bozell claimed that Barack Obama "ran as a Reaganite" and "won over the public as a fiscal conservative." But two weeks earlier on October 27, he called Obama a socialist who wants to redistribute the wealth, and the biggest liberal in the entire Senate. Bozell should be in a padded room, not running a so-called media research center.

2) Many Conservatives like Bill O'Reilly, Karl Rove, Bill Kristol, Laura Ingraham, and Rush Limbaugh still claim America is a center right country. Even after Obama won by a landslide with 364 electoral votes to 174 for McCain. And after the Democrats gained 17 Senate Seats, and 50 House seats since 2006. Which is a bigger majority than the Republicans have ever had in the history of America.

1) Bill O'Reilly claims he beat every show on TV in the ratings last week, including Jay Leno and David Letterman, he called them news chat shows. Earth to O'Reilly, Leno and Letterman are Comedians who tell jokes and interview celebrities, they do not have news chat shows. And to get that ratings win, O'Reilly added the ratings for his 8pm show and the 11pm re-run, which is just insane. You can not add two shows ratings then claim you beat a show that only ran one time, only insane people do that, and O'Reilly is insane.

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