Wednesday, November 19, 2008

One Nation Under a Groove and Flashlight

After reading that mess from the right wing I STILL BELIEVE THAT WE ARE ONE NATION
,UNITED.There's 60 Million of us that voted for this man and we STILL HAVE HIS BACK.
When 9/11 happen WE hoped that Dubya would do the right thing. Me and my brother thought Bush bombed Afghanistan the same day.We were wrong.

So after reading the bottom posting,come up here and listen to some music.

BTW, my friends are all races, sexes,religions,genders and so on...the real America.


vanishing point said...

good music as always.

whoever said that to you on the other post is a sick mental case,

keep on believing Kid, cause it's here, we won.

kid said...

Hey Kat I have to remember there were over 60 million of us that picked the President ,but there were over 50 million that hated him.I hope they can grow up.