Thursday, November 27, 2008

JillJones-Violet Blue

What's a woman 2 do?
Across the street waits a man she's promised 2
And in her presence is another with eyes of violet blue

All aflame her body when he approaches - steam heat
She closes her eyes, imagines his voice - so sweet, so sweet
11 minutes and she'll be late

What's a woman 2 do?
Across the street waits the man she's promised 2
Indecision reigns and the catalyst: eyes of violet blue

11 minutes 2 love is 2 little, 2 much
I could listen 4ever but if I hear 2 much
It could stay in my mind and all could be lost
If I'm not careful, I'd never want U so

We already lost one minute
4 us that's one more year we got in it
4 us that's one more year things we don't know
11 minutes 2 love

Is he married? One day does he wanna be?
I wish I could tell just from holdin' hands
But with his eyes so gentle, he whispers
Only mental communication is all he wants me 2 hear

Even though I don't want 2
I must leave him now
I can't let him see my tears
Though I turn away and notice the time - it's late
But what's a woman 2 do?
What's a woman 2 do?

The eyes were violet blue {x2}
And I could see 4ever the eyes of violet blue
And that's what a real woman, real woman wants 2 do
(Love) {x4}

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