Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hannity back at work.

Yes he's still doing his good cop/bad cop routine.Now Hannity likes Obama.The only thing that's good about the economic trouble the country is having in knowing that FOX stocks is losing its value.


vanishing point said...

How about Hannity saying "those of us who care about race relations!!!!"

now that is funny.

he looks like a wild horse with glazed eyes.

kid said...

I know he got his contract renewed but I think he'll be off FOX soon.How you doin', I feel better already.

vanishing point said...

hey me too!!!!

vanishing point said...

I saw another one on CNN with that glazed look, almost screaming that Obama can't take a break, even if he is exhausted,

How are you doing?

kid said...

I'm doing all right.Hoping it won't snow.