Saturday, November 22, 2008

Jews Against Obama :The blogsite

I have Jewish friends. When they seen this site they apologize and then cursed.I told them it was fake.It is , the only site worst than this is SugarnSpice.

# Paulette Says:
November 19, 2008 at 10:03 pm

KID, I suppose that HUSSEIN obamas WIFES picture with Farrakhan’s wife is not ‘good enough’ for you, huh?
So, HUSSEIN obamas wife meets with shady characters and you dont care..
Manning is NOT a ’self-hating’ Black man, he is an HONOR to black people, many who we at JTF KNOW that respect him, they are right wing Jews.
TRULY you dont like that there is actually a SMART Black man.. Thats the REAL truth. Actually it makes you INSANE that there are SMART black people- you are foaming at the mouth just thinking about it. Matter of FACT, you probably HATE Alan Keyes too, a BLACK man that is SUING HUSSEIN obama, because your man REFUSES to show a BIRTH CERTIFICATE. You DONT care that HUSSEIN was friends with Rezko- a terrorist sympathizer who is now in a fed. prison, you DONT care that HUSSEIN is buddies with Ayers, a TERRORIST that WISHES he bombed MORE places than he did before. You DONT care that the Rev. WRONG damned America for having to bomb Nagasaki & Hiroshima- so that LIVES would be SAVED, you DONT care that the DIST 13 in the Southside of Chicago was run RAMPANT during HUSSEINS reign of TERROR as the ILL State Senator, you DONT care that homeless people were registered, their addresses being PARK BENCHES, you DONT care that MICKEY MOUSE registered to VOTE 72 times. You DONT care that HAMAS, AL AQSA MARTYRS BRIGADE and other TERRORIST groups ENDORCED HUSSEIN obama, you DONT care that he plans to make YOU into a GOOSE-STEPPING STORM TROOPER for HUSSEIN obamas CIVILIAN military. You DONT care that the LA TIMES REFUSES to release the TAPES showing HUSSEIN obama & all of the anti-semitic remarks AGAINST Jews. You DONT care about his MUSLIM FAITH— Tell me, KID- WHAT DO YOU CARE ABOUT??? A. NOTHING that has ANYTHING to do with AMERICA.


Ted said...

You gotta hear this 90 minute blogradio on why the media has a blackout of the looming Obama Birth Certificate Constitutional Crisis:

kid said...

I know why because it's contrived.

kid said...

Hey Ted, tell the people at political pistachio.blogspot.(ladies leave now sorry) TO SUCK MY DI*K.President elect Barack Hussein Obama Junior is not going anywhere. You want a fight , you got one.

vanishing point said...

sorry for laughing,

those idiots at stop obama were trying to apply immigration law to Obama's mother, that had a law suit too. Keys is just mad cause he lost against Obama in the senate race.

Tim Gunter said...

The last time I checked, his bc said he is born in Hawaii and Hawaii is an American state. Now, McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone, formerly known as the U.S. Canal Zone. But, no one says anything about that. Then, we got American kids born of missionary parents in, let's say, Ghana, a foreign country. But, they're American citizens. Politics, simply politics as usual!