Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dr.J David Manning spoof.

I glad that someone is exposing him as a asshole.He's a friend of Sean Klannity, just like Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson. They're part of the back to the Plantation movement along with Uncle Ruckus.If you have time take a look at his wiki page and see how much of a criminal asshole he is.

This is what's meant of poverty pimp.For a real video of the guy you can see one at Jews Against Obama, you tube, or SugarnSpice.Its a trip.


Tim Gunter said...

This guy's a trip. He speaks for God? Hey, I support fellow African-Americans when they did "change allegiances" from Hillary to Obama. I voted for him and I still support him. I hope and pray that Obama's economic agenda pulls through! Dr. Manning! Man, if a white preacher used terminologies Manning has just used in the video, the white preacher wouls be labelled a racist. Dr. Manning appears to be a self-hater.

kid said...

Hey Tim,

White preachers had. Rev. Hagee and Parsley they were called on it. Not like Rev.Wright.Remember this is a spoof video. The real Manning is much worst.