Friday, August 20, 2010

Pushback from Media Matters

It seems as if the only Progressives that are not attacking the President is Media Matters. Daily Kos at first use to go after Conservatives that would attack the Left . Now that Daily Kos has been infiltrated by "trolls", people have to depend on Media Matters to lead the charge. What Media Matters does works. They got rid of Dr. Laura Schlessinger , they're pushing back on the anti-Obama meme, they're fighting back. Meanwhile at Kos Cenk Uygur and Max Keiser who regularly bash the President on Kos, bash him also on RT Russia Today or as I call them Fox East. The Left needs to stop these circular firing squads. also our so-called "Mainstream Media" need to stop doing the work of Fox News and do their damn jobs. I was highly pissed when Diana Sawyer wanted to take a poll on Park 51 building being converted into a recreation center. Only four people corrected the MSM when they called it a "victory Mosque" Rachel, Keith, Stewart, and Cobert. It's messed up when our "media" is just four people and two of them are comedians.

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