Sunday, November 7, 2010

Boycotts work, is Disney next?

Well well well look what the cat dragged in, Andrew Breitbart. He was going to host the election show on ABC News and then later just on their website. Congratulations America, racist are now fashionable again. Even Sarah Palin said to reload after you say N****r 11 times. Guess again, Andrew was disinvited.

Well after plenty of pissed off people ABC/Disney listen. Maybe on Monday we should remind ABC/Disney and tell Tom Joyner to have his audience not patronize them anymore. Glenn Beck, Bill Oreilly, Rush Limbaugh, all of them should be banned from television. There are no real Right Wing pundits, only racist that enable Right. Sorry when people at Fox makes up the $200 million a day POTUS story and the whole media is silent, it time to put the media in the same place some of the politicians got put, on the street.

People say that boycotts don't work , well look at how good the Left went after the current POTUS and the people he endorsed. Maybe this time around people would know that you boycott the people who hate you, not your friends.

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libhom said...

The "boycotts don't work" meme comes from corporate media trying to protect their advertisers.