Saturday, September 18, 2010

I heard of white priviledge, but damn

She prays to the Devil, would have told Hitler where Jews were hiding because she honest, and think mice are walking around with human brains. We have found someone dumber than Sarah Palin, except for the people that voted for her. The President was hounded for being a Muslim that went to Rev. Wright's Black Nationalist church and Christine ODonnell prays to the devil. Pat Robertson, Rod Parsley, and Jack van Impe says that Muslim pray to the devil, actually they don't. Here is proof from her lips that she participated with Satanist. BTW, I think she might be mistaken, people that observe Wiccian do not pray to the Devil, Satanist pray to Satan. Let's see how this gets resolved.


Lisa said...

oh Kid why all the worries?The recession is over life is good.
Why don't you do back to when she was 3 and wet her pants too.

I guess none of us had questionable freinds in High School right? The woman said that she was a teenager at the time although it would be nice if should could brew soemthing up now to get these job killing liberals voted out in Nov.

kid said...

RepubliKlans are hypocrites. People tried to smear the President by saying he palled around with terrorist. He was eight years old when William Ayres was putting M-80's in mailboxes. Let's see Walter Annenberg was a friend of Reagan and Annenberg put Ayers and Obama on the education committee. The President's only connection to a terrorist is Ronald Reagan, the founder of al-Qaeda.

Want to know who's killing the jobs, ask the Koch Brothers. Companies have made profits but are not hiring. Interest rates are at their lowest ever.

I never prayed to the Devil and neither did the POTUS. The right wanted a racist that went to several community colleges to be Vice President.Not they wast a Satanist in the Government.

Lisa said...

M-80's in mailboxes? Try a NY PD headquarters bombing and were planning to bomb a military installation with soldiers there.
With their dream of a classless society.
Problem with that is it has never worked....anywhere. Just ask Fidel Castro. All it does is make more people more desperate and the only way you can escape a society like that is with a system like ours. That's just life. You will always have the "haves" and 'have nots." I prefer to stay a have not than to have the other option thank you very much.

You can't make everyone equal,it's impossible without force as Ron Bloom quoted Mao ever so eloquently when he said the only way to gain political power is from the barrel of a gun.
But I guess he is just "another guy form the neighborhood" right?