Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fox is playing every card they got

Fox and the Right is creating this atmosphere of hate. Many Left leaning groups or organizations are reporting infiltration by those sympathetic to the Right. Digg, the social media site has been used by Republicans spreading their propaganda. On Daily Kos minorities are getting HR'ed for no reason . Islam is being attacked. Chicanos humiliated, and Blacks ridiculed. Recently I got Hr'ed on Kos and am waiting until the end of my banishment to respond. Sorry folks but the closer we get to election day , the worst the attacks will get. Brothers don't usually go "postal" and shoot up their workplace. Fox wants chaos and disorder, they want Americans to start their "Balkanization".


Jersey McJones said...

It's hard to believe now, but there was a time when the "right" and "left" in this country represented very different interests and groups. Many of the old "Dixiecrats" (now all Republicans), infamously segregationist racists, were also pro-labor, Keynesian, fiscal liberals! And many of the old Republicans, back then a powerful minority of Northeastern Industrialists and Western agro-concerns, were social liberals! The lines were blurry.

With the "Southern Strategy" of Nixon, Goldwater, et al, with it's "Silent Majority" demographic pandering, the Right, conservatives, and the GOP became the party of divisive, hot-button, racist politics. Yet for all their rabble-rousing, rhetorical rancor, the real power in the GOP remains the same Northeastern and Western power-brokers of yore - elite blue-bloods who don't give a rat's ass about the the idiotic concerns of the old Dixiecrats that are now their voting base - the only voters who can give them majority power. If anything, it serves these Righties very well to make sure these pseudo-issues remain at the forefront of political debate.

Take abortion. The Right has controlled the courts for years, they had complete power in Washington DC for most of this past decade. Did abortion become illegal? Was it abolished? Of course not. They NEED that issue on the table - always. It brings out the low-brow vote.

So, the Right keeps on keeping on, playing on the lesser angels of the polity - race, abortion, religion - divisive, unnecessary, pseudo-issues that keep people angry and at odds, all just to get them to vote Righties into power - all just to get get tax cuts, deregulation and cheap "Free Trade" with Third World hell-holes. It's a simple equation, summed up in this equation I often use as an example: "Jesus hates gays, I hate gays, Jesus loves me, I love tax cuts for rich people, Jesus loves me, Jesus loves tax cuts for rich people, vote for me and I'll cut taxes for rich people, persecute gays, and Jesus will love you."

It's really just as simple as that - the ol', sleazy, conservative Bait 'n Switch.


kid said...

Jersey you must be confused, abortion was never legal when Republicans were in office. Good Old Dutch (G.O.D.) would never have legalized abortion in America. Ronnie wouldn't hear of it.

When Republicans are in office they focus on their main goal, making money for themselves and their friends. They only bring up niche issues when Democrats are in office. There are no real Conservatives anymore only the Democratic Party and facists.

Anonymous said...
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Lisa said...
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Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

Are you saying these are all recent developments?
It's not FOX causing this chaos and disorder.
Chaos and disorder is part of the plan and it wasn't planned by FOX who by the way has every right to "report" as much as the other 99% of the media .
I would be more certain that the 99% of the liberal media are the ones setting the tone being they hold the majority of the networks.
What example do you have of FOX news causing a brother to shoot up their workplace anyway? That is quite a strong accusation if you have no proof.
I didn't know it was considered racist to fire someone for stealing of which they have the proof of on a video tape. If it was about race you can bet the proceedings would already be under way. But there is no case of it.
He isn't the first disgruntled person,black or white to shoot up their prior workplace for getting fired?
Mostly white people have committed such crimes. I believe anyone who does that had to be unstable to begin with.
I am not saying racism doesn't exist before you jump all over me,what I am saying is the left and the president have been very calculating at causing this class warfare by playing the race card by calling anyone racist who disagrees with and yes I am going to say ridiculous policies of spending and taxes. It's more of how these policies have been rammed through.If that were the case then there were more racist people when Bush was president.
I deal with many businesses and all of them feel this president is purposely devastating the economy.
The polls are in and it is grim and it doesn't matter who you are you will be affected by it. Everyone will. There is no social justice in making more people dependent on government.
The less money people have to spend on goods and services, the less they will shop and eat out and buy cars . You are talking about supermarket jobs,retail jobs,all kinds of jobs. From waiters and waitresses to dishwasher,cashier ,cooks,stock people,warehouse people,delivery people.
People are losing their confidence every day more and more because this admin has not been focused on the economy until 1 week ago because it's election time and all they are doing is spending more money to pay of more cronies who vote for them.
Sorry but that is not something I can support or ever will. The only time Obama gets passionate about something is when he is criticizing republicans. I wish he would elaborate more on how what he is doing is helping the economy instead throwing accusations and fuzzy math around.
I think it diminishes him when he points fingers and lays blame. It shows his immaturity.
Let's hear his plan from him and how it's helping.
I won't be holding my breath waiting though.
Just remember the congress controls the countries pocketbook and the democrats had control of it for 40 years.
How do you feel that has worked out?

Lisa said...

I wanted to share this with you:

kid said...

lisa, mother had you and motherf**k you! I ain't got time to play. Blacks and Chicanos are being hunted down.

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

That's your answer?Sorry I wasted my time trying have a back and forth with you.
I guess you have your mind made up or someone made it up for you.
So if I try to show another side of the debate it's playing?
Ok I won't bother you anymore.
I guess it's all about you.

kid said...

OK lisa give your pro-racist side of the argument. I'm waiting.

Lisa said...

I'm not pro racist. I already made my comment now I have go listen to some live music. Nighty Night.
OK one thing though I was watching MSNBC last night for a mere minute and that bitch Maddow was playing her race card again. Saying how Arizona privatized their prisons so companies can make money incarcerating immigrants. She is full of shit. I don't even think she believes half the shit she says but she is embedded to the admin so much that she has to even if she lies.
If anyone cares to listen to the plight of Arizona they can no longer afford the costs of their health care,their education their incarceration. So it is to save them money to not have to pay for that and to pass the cost off to a private company.
MSNBC are race baiters. They should be compassionate to the plight of Arizona instead they attack them and Obama sues them WTF is that?
You give government too much power over everything then any yahoo that gets elected will have that same power.
Like Jefferson said a government that is powerful enough to give you everything you want is powerful enough to take it away.
Look how well that worked in Cuba ,Venezuela,Russia and all other Socialist countries.

You think you're poor now.