Monday, August 23, 2010

They said he looked Muslim

They wanted to beat the livin' Mississippi snap out of him because he looked Muslim. Rockin' a Kufi or a wave cap. Where's Oprah and her "good white people" at when you need them? Emimem wears one, so does the Aryan Nation.

Rush is saying that he's a Muslim that went to Rev. Wright's church. which is it Tubby? I think that you better lay off the Oxycontin.


Jersey McJones said...

Obama is obviously a Kenyan-Indonesian-Reparationist-Muslim-Black Liberation Theology Christian-Atheist-Communist-Socialist-Totalitaian-Fascist! What? You didn't know that??? LOL!


kid said...

Looks like Beck got his parade permit.I hope nothing happens Jersey.

Lisa said...

Islam is not a religion it is a political movement.

kid said...


Mother had you and mother fonk you!

Go away you troll, you have a race riot in D.C. to attend. Someone could say the same thing about the 700 Club ,Glenn Beck religion the Mormons, or the people that set up Tulsa Oklahoma, the Klan. After Black Wall Street they took the property of Black people and cut it up. The only time a religious group put up a monument to killing people it was Christians!

Lisa said...

you just wish it was a race riot just so you can say it was a race riot.