Friday, October 8, 2010

Inciting a riot

There's a guy who the Aryan Nation feels like is their unofficial leader. He has a deep seated hatred of Black people. His conspiracy theories doesn't make sense. He thinks that God has appointed him to change the world. He's known for entertaining people. He dabbles in magic. He preaches of a big race war that is about to come and that in the end he will be God's appointed leader.

But enough about Charles Manson, on this You Tube Glenn Beck has his Blaze film crew film this guy trying to start a riot at a Presidential rally. No one takes the bait. Beck didn't have a mass riot in Washington when he shitted on Dr. King's memory for his fake March on Black People. He's going to try this again. So far his record is three cops and almost the Tides Foundation. When will somebody put him in a prison or sue him?

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