Monday, September 27, 2010

Everybody wants to be Black

Ann Coulter says Feminist and Gays want to be Black, shit Clarence Thomas, Lloyd Marcus, and Jesse Lee Peterson doesn't want to be Black. I think we all know how Ann would treat a Gay Black, Feminist, like shit.


Lisa said...

I "think' we all know how Ann would treat a Gay Black, Feminist, like shit.

That's your problem,you "think" too much.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

And what is your problem Lisa?

How can Ann throw out that generalization and assume she knows what others want to be? Does she think too much too?

Lisa said...

She's a satirist. Besides you obviously are taking what she said(as usual)out of context.
She didn't mean it literally.She was saying that civil rights was put in place for black people for voting and other various reasons. It had nothing to do with gay marriage. Maybe it's difficult for some people to keep up but try.

kid said...


That's your problem,you "think" too much.


And your problem is you don't think at all. Coulter is trying to get Feminist and Gays to hate the Black President that helps them, which is why she "staged" the altercation of her and Joseph Farah or World Net Daily. It's all just smoke and mirrors.


How ya doing Granny. I couldn't believe the article you had about that fool in Louisiana. I hope it woke the Brothers up down there.

Lisa said...

Man kid you have some imagination there.
Such rational thinking.