Thursday, October 14, 2010

Follow the money

The money for all those Republicans commercials must come from somewhere. Well they come from the people that constantly screw America everyday, the rich. Now rich people from overseas can donate to the Republicans thanks to the verdict in the Citizens United case.


Lisa said...

Thank goodeness. Anything we can do to stop this administration from destroying the country is fine with me.

Lisa said...

Hey Kid are you catching one of those free buses to the Jon Stuart Rally?
I hear Oprah is even flying people there for the "grassroots" movement.
Big business doesn't force people to go to Tea Parties unlike the left wing rallies telling Union members they better go or else.
But being Obama appreciated them giving up their Saturday he is giving each member 100.00 worth of food stamps from the unspent stolen stimulus money.
And may I say right're welcome.