Sunday, August 1, 2010

Even Breitbart's fake comedy show isn't funny

I have been over to Newsbusters, one of Andrew Breitbart's properties (not for long, right Mrs.Sharrod). The one thing you never use in comedy is anger alone. To do comedy sucessfully you need a setup and a punchline, that's it. When you're not funny, your message doesn't get out. This is two minutes and thirty one seconds of hate. There are good jokes about "liberals" out there, but watching a rich white person bitch about what they don't have isn't funny. What's makes this funny is the canned laughter played at the wrong times.


Tim Gunter said...

I watched it. Definitely not funny. It's like watching Hannah. Not funny.
Or I-Carly. Not funny. Or Suite Life.
Not funny.

kid said...

I actually like Suite Life, (got a lot of little cousins). Breitbart isn't even trying at all. This is for some 80 year old bigots.

Jersey McJones said...

There are certain axioms of comedy - tragedy, irony, reality. The trouble with conservatism is that is not grounded in reality, is blind to irony, and is hyper-sensitive to tragedy. There really is no such as thing as "conservative comedy." Conservatism can only be laughed at, not with.


kid said...

I feel ya JMJ. I know you know how to bring the funny.