Monday, August 31, 2009

Randall Terry's bullshit

This is the same Randall Terry that butted in on the Terry Schiavo case. Well Mr. Family Values threw his three adopted kids out of the house.He threw his first two biracial daughters out because they got pregnant.One daughter he disowned when she converted to Islam.He threw his son out when he announced he was gay.He converted to a Roman Catholic when he ended his first marriage.

His people put this video out on Obama. He's trying to scare the old folk with this.Warning the second video is kind of sick.


vanishing point said...

Randall Terry is the most absurd person in the world to represent morality or family values, I think he must be sick in the head.

He hired some actors in need of acting school too, they all look like foolish idiots in the videos, these videos are more like hideous cartoons!

kid said...

We all know who pays his salary.All his talking points seem to come from Republican central.Abortion and killing Granny ,the same stuff that spewed out of Caribou Barbie's mouth.

vanishing point said...

Hey, you are right, they probably met through the AIP link site.

libhom said...

Randall Terry is truly scummy. The opposition to Obama is purely racist. Obama is continuing the vast majority of Bushes policies.