Friday, August 14, 2009

Coup d ' `etat Cleveland style.

Boy, neo-cons cannot name things well.They called the people in their tea bag parties, tea baggers, a gamer term and a sexual act.We have a local radio host on the Salem Radio Network here by the name of Thomas Kelly. Kelly on the same station as Hugh Hewett,John Gibson,Michael Gallagher,Dennis Prager, and Michael Medved.He has a group called C.R.A.C.C.Why would you name a group after a addicted drug ?Yes they're called crack.Well I'm going to stop these crackheads.

First politics in Cleveland and Cuyahoga County is just like anywhere else, honest people and corrupt people. One thing that we don't have here is voter fraud.We all know who did that don't we.Well the crackheads are trying to take control of the county commission. How ? By trying to sneak their astroturfed asses in. They call themselves Independents which means stealth Republicans.The three gentlemens pictures you see here are Jimmy Dimora, Peter Lawson Jones, and Tim Hagan.Hagan and Dimora are being investigated.These are the "good" guys. They are running a slate of 15 people for the county commission committee. The crackheads are trying to run their own too. Most of Cleveland is ran by Democrats and sometimes they get in trouble. The right knows this and is looking for a chance to take over the commission with "Independents", which are fake Republiklans.

On his show Kelly goes after the "socialist " Obama and his friends.His show comes on right after Mark Levin and he sounds like he can imitate him too.You couldn't tell the difference between one show and the others except one guy mentions Cleveland a lot.Below is some of quotes from the site:

"Frank Jackson, Marcia Fudge, Dennis Kucinich and 11 of the county’s 57 mayors are opposed to “any effort to restructure county government at this time…”

Dimora Says GOP Conspiracy Behind Federal Corruption Probe
"Jimmy Dimora accused the U.S. Department of Justice of launching its local public corruption in a conspiracy with Republicans."

Dimora feels like some of this is payback for supporting President Obama.Don't laugh people are hearing the same thing in Michigan with Congressman Conyers wife.They're using corruption as a excuse to nullify our votes and take control of a heavily Democratic city.

Some of the candidates on the C.R.A.C.C. team are Jack Boyle who Kelly describe as a business man. Elain Trapp who he describes as a housewife, and Angela Bennett who he describes as black.The right can mentions a persons race and sex but a liberal can't.There are 12 more. When I get their names I will post them as well.


GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Kid, I watched the town hall meeting with Obama on CSPAN. Our President did an excellent job. The people in Montana acted very civilized. I guess, it just must be a Southern and Mideast or is that Midwest thing that folks brings swastiskas, guns, knives, and show their behind at?

Anyway, it turned out real nice. BTW, CSPAN gives full coverage of his the town hall meetings and does not cut the speakers off mid-sentence. I like that better so you can hear the whole context of what is being said.

BTW, did you see what I said to Mr R on fields tonight. Every time I offer him an invite, do you notice you don't hear a peep out of him for the rest of the night after that.

kid said...

Hey Granny I'll buy Mr.R the blue shirt with the target on it for him to wear .

You seen how FOX cut his townhall when nothing was happening.People are upset about dogs but the President's wife and kids , no complaints.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Yeah, I was looking at how they were acting like a dog is human but a black man is not. Smh!

As for the shirt. You cannot wear red in certain areas, blue in another...etc. If you wear the wrong color in the wrong place...

kid said...

About the shirt I knew that Granny.I laugh when you offered him one.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

More than you caught on to what I was saying and was laughing too. Mr R is not too popular in the room with black or white folks. Now you know, if Mr R sometimes gets on even grinder's nerves too, you know he ain't cool. LOL!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Did you see how all of a sudden I'm getting trolls on my blog too. Dang, my blog has not been up a good month yet. That person no_slappz is a little too nosey for me as if he/she is investigating to find out who I am. That's why he ask me that question concerning my uncle who was lynched. But it was the questions he/she asked me that tipped me off.

I started to tell them if I wanted them to know I would have told them when I wrote it. The way he/she asked the question was like a reporter or investigator.

Hey, btw, how have my topics been on my blog? I'm tired of writing about the how they're inciting race riots, treason, and sedition, but I'm led to keep doing it for a while to make sure folks stay aware of it. Therefore, I'll do it until I feel a release from it.

kid said...

Granny IT'S YOUR BLOG ! You can do anything you want with it.Jack and Jill sometimes post music. At first I posted recipes believe it or not.I guess I'm getting FOX fatigue.First I don't really curse at all.When I see how simple some of our people are, I get angry.I did't really feel protective of the President until I seen how some white people spit in OUR faces and want US to apologize for them spitting into our face.I never put my name up on my site, but I have put up my father's name and my uncle's.Pretty soon I'll put mine up.

Another reason I get so pissed is that ex-CIA agent Larry C. Johnson of No Quarter and PUMA sent me a e-mail even thought I didn't give him my e-mail address. That's intimidation and that really set me of.I ask Francis Holland and some others about it.That really , really set me off.