Monday, August 3, 2009

Mike Gallagher's bull

Today I was on the radio with Michael Gallagher. He ask me How I'm feeling, I said bad because I'm talking to you.Every three minutes on his show he played a excerpt of the meeting and told people that they should bring their pitchforks.I told him that he was promoting violence.Then he tried to get me locked in a question about Oregon's health care. It seem that a woman with cancer can get assisted suicide , but not medical services. He tried to link it with the President's health care and abortion. I told him the President is not from Oregon.He kept trying to box me in.He ask me what services should she get?I told him Rush Limbaugh said none,health care is not a privilege.He said that Rush is not here.Then I told him If she had the President's health care now she wouldn't have to worry.Then I calmly told him he was a racist, sexist and ,homophobic.He stammered a bit and ask me what I think of Michael Steele ? I told him that he's a quisling that will do what Rush Limbaugh says. Finally he ask me about Clarence Thomas. I told him I love Clarence Thomas, he illustrates how racist America is. Then I gave a quick plug for the Afrospear Blogger Group.I think it's save to say he won't talk to me on the phone again.


ChickenHammer said...

You and the rest of your kind really need to let go of the Rush Limbaugh fascination. The only think keeping him on the air is all the loony lefties listening in to see how they should paint the right that day.

Quit listening to Rush, quit writing to Rush, quit bitching about Rush and Rush will go away.

Geeze you people aren't very bright are you!?

kid said...

Look you sorry ass , punk, bitch, mother fucker,the article is called Mike Gallagher, not Rusty Limpballs.I thought white crossburning,nuts like you can read.Oh I forgot you can't. People like you voted for Satan Pagan..oops I meant Sarah Palin.