Sunday, April 17, 2011

Who's house, kid's house !

Radical Redneck said...
John Lewis, like Jesse Jackson, has been proven a f*g!

APRIL 18, 2011 1:27 AM

Darth Bacon said...
You disgusting, lying, venal, hate-filled pieces of human filth.

How DARE you dishonor the persecution and usury of the hundreds of thousands- if not millions- of Indentured Servants from Ireland, and other parts of Europe?

...Silly b***h.

APRIL 18, 2011 3:20 AM

Just a quick note. I do have my limits. I will tolerate insults towards me about me. But I will not have the people that come here feel uncomfortable. Like Richard Pryor said, "you order shit , you eat shit". If you can't act like a human, I will treat you like a mother fucker. Now that's a term slaves used to mean the guy that raped their mother. One such slave Jolly Coeur seen his mother assaulted when he was five years old. When he grew up he cut the mother fuckers head off and used his head on the beach as a bowling ball. MF actually means slave master.

I don't insult anyone unless they either do it to me first or attack one of my friends. When you direct a comment towards one of my visitors, I will take it down and post it to show people what type of intolerant mother fuckers Tea Party supporters and Republicans are. Again I apologize for my language but if you can't have a civil conservation then leave. BTW, you can call me all the racial insults you want. It will just prove my point that you are racists as well as homophobic and sexists bigots.


Mary Mayhem said...

This totally reminds me of the part in Dogma where Matt Damon, a fallen angel, kills the guy that's cheating on his wife and the woman he's cheating with when their on the bus, just to prove a point to Ben Afleck, also a fallen angel, about humans being sinful and inherently evil, and then they casually walk off the bus, and Matt Damon is singing, who's house, Run's house?

kid said...

@Mary Mayhem

Kevin Smith do some trip out stuff. Too bad that Prince won't let him finish editing the film he made at Paisley Park. You should see the lecture that he put up talking about meeting Prince, it's pretty funny.

The trolls that have been bothering you are either paid or from the Conservative Citizens Council. What they're doing at some of the top African American blogs is 10x worst. Places like The Grio, Black America Web and The Field Negro get attacked 24/7. They come in shifts. Some of them pose as African Americans and then say something strange or come out of character. They always stay on talking points. It's always the same thing, Blacks aren't as intelligent as Whites, Gays are immoral, Illegal Immigrants bring crime with them. If it cost the POTUS $650 million to get in you can bet that they're spending more than that to spread disinformation and everything that they can.

Mary Mayhem said...

I got a check from ad sense in the mail today...and I had noticed that I was getting a ton of hits on my blog lately, i just put the counter on less than a month ago and I'm already at 2700, which I used to get absolutely no traffic, but anyway...I looked at my traffic sources just now, and I found this website in there and I clicked it and went to a cute little conservative blog and I found the following comment from Radical Redneck:

Rabid troll (at Lisa's and others) publishes a "never should be seen" photo shoot of herself. What. A. Freak.

Like Reply

First of all Radical Redneck, thank you- I like getting checks in the mail.

Second of all, I have neer been to Lisa's blog, EVER, not even to LURK, and clicking on the link in my blog traffic page was the first time I ever went to one of the little amateur conservatie blogs, and I only saw your comment, read it and left. I don't go to others either, so I know not the "others" you speak of. You are a liar. Flat out.

So no, I'm not a rabid troll. I stay on liberal blogs, photography blogs, food blogs, art blogs, etc.... I might be a troll feeder, but I am definitely not a troll. That is you Radical Redneck. Look around. You will not find a single comment of mine on ANY conservative blog, but thanks for the publicity...Money for being beautiful is can say whatever you want to the contrary, but money talks....I get paid to look like this...

I should have another spread coming out in about a week. I'm doing a shoot first thing tomorrow morning and I'm shooting (behind the camera) all next week and the week after. All publicity is GOOD publicity when it comes to photography, so if you want to keep posting my link around the conservative community go ahead....I will be their Bettie Page all the same...

tha malcontent said...

The Kid said: "I will take it down and post it to show people what type of intolerant mother fuckers Tea Party supporters and Republicans are. . It will just prove my point"

I think that you did a great job proving your point yourself.

The Darth of Bacon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kid said...

@tha malcontent

That's the origin of the word, it means slave master. It is of African origin. People think that they can come over here and call people the b and f words, I don't accept that. On your own site you allow peole to insult the POTUS but no one can lay a hand on the Moose, killin' mutha.

You also say that you aren't a bigot but yet you post that racist menu that yu said the POTUS will eat. You sir are a coward! Your fellow supporters are the Conservative Citizens Council, Stormfront, and the Aryan Nation.

kid said...

@tha malcontent

Acting obtuse and playing dumb still don't excuse people for being racist.

(O)CT(O)PUS said...


Glad you came to this conclusion. When you allow trolls to have access to your blog, you lose your better readers, because no one likes to be stalked, harassed, or offended. These trolls are more than paid Psy-Ops assassins; they are palpably sick and disturbed people.

There are some bloggers who believe leaving troll comments intact exposes them for what they are, that their own comments condemn them. This is an fallacy. Leaving their comments only encourages them, and their insulting comments will be a constant running sore. You don't need this. Get rid of them. And don't visit their blogs either; the muggers will follow you home.

BTW, Malcontent is banned by conservative and liberal bloggers alike. Blogging Sleuth exposed him as a fraud and a charlatan. I suggest you ditch this sicko too and don't go there anymore: there is nothing to be proved or gained.

tha malcontent said...

The Worm called Octopus said..."Blogging Sleuth exposed him as a fraud and a charlatan."

Why don't you call her by her name "Shaw Kenawe" that other vermin of the progressive moment, talk about SICKO'S, shes the poster girl, if you wanna give her the benefit of the doubt by calling her a "Girl"
And the Octopussy who is her lap dog as well. Is a real sicko thinking that I'm a paid assassin, how could anyone be that STUPID. But he/she is.

As they say, if you can;t win a argument, attack your opponent.
One has to only read that post by Octopussy to see how CRAZY these progressives really are. Too actually think that us Conservatives are "Paid assassins out to get them" And that we will follow you home. My God that's straight out of the Twilight Zone.

Blank said...

Kid, after reading this blog, i would say that evidence suggests the opposite of what you are claiming. I would have to say that you probably never met a white person that you didn't hate. I feel that every person that you seem to like and who you have quoted is a black racist. Racism is alive and well and it sometimes hides behind a black face.

Mary Mayhem said...

Damn see how he has nothing better to do.

(O)CT(O)PUS said...


The above tirade from one of your trolls, Malcontent, is factually wrong. The detective behind behind 'Blogging Sleuth' is NOT Shaw Kenawe but another person, who is NOT even a liberal blogger. Wrong on all counts.

Mary is right. Does the troll have a real job?

Kid, there is really no place for verbal abuse of this kind in any forum, and if you keep this troll around, it will merely drive away your sincere readers.

Shaw Kenawe said...

'Blogging Sleuth' is NOT Shaw Kenawe but another person, who is NOT even a liberal blogger. Wrong on all counts.

kid, this is the truth. Anyone with half a brain could figure out who The Sleuth is. And that's why "tha malcontent" hasn't been able to do so.

He is consistent though--always wrong and incoherent on everything he writes.

tha malcontent said...

Talk about tirades, just read this conspiracy freak Octopussy's.
He sounds like a raving lunatic.
Just like his Messiah Obama he is completely losing it. Or he already has completely lost it. They both have gone completely bunkers.