Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Stuck on Stupid

Hey GOP PLEASE keep it up. Let the world know that you shouldn't be in office.


Shaw Kenawe said...

"Stuck on Stupid"

And you have the trolls to prove this point, kid.

Mary Mayhem said...

wow... that was sad, just sad... how dare a "nobody," and especially a black "nobody," work his way up to president...must be something behind that....let's see the paperwork...and since he's black and getting into all these Ivy leagues, affirmative action was sure to be the culprit...I demand to see the paperwork!

Wtf are these outlet lickers thinking...to they sit and think about what they might be asked and how they will answer before they go on a show like this? You know research and plan?

Mary Mayhem said...


Lisa said...

First of all that isn't the GOP. Trump isn't even officially a candidate and Buchanan is a political commentator,no longer in politics. So you are labeling them as the GOP incorrectly.

Mary Mayhem said...

Damn..Lisa is really stuck on stupid. They are both GOP. No denying it. They both vote GOP. You are GOP, Lisa. Anyone who votes GOP is GOP. You don't have to be an official, registered, and running for office politician, to be considered GOP, but it's fun to see you grasping for your inhaler like an asthmatic finishing a sprint.

Radical Redneck said...

Release the transcripts Mr Affirmative Action President!

Darth Bacon said...


It's already established he didn't meet the extraordinarily lax standards for Summa. The top 70 percent of the class gets Magna.

So, he's in there somewhere- with the average, ordinary, non-Lightworker Demigods.

But that doesn't mean these simps will ever stop salivating over his very toenail clippings.

Lisa said...

But that doesn't mean these simps will ever stop salivating over his very toenail clippings.

lol! they use them as sprinkles for their chocolate ice cream.

That's how retarded Obama worshipers are. They say we don't like him because he's black but they prove with each breath that is the only reason "they" like him.
Oh and retards he is half white.
All of his associates were white except when he attended the racist church.

Lisa said...

So then Mary I guess it's safe to say that Chris (dribble puss) Matthews,Ed (red faced) Shultz,Rachel(hate baiter)Maddow,Keith(chicken and waffles)Olberman are the democrat party.