Friday, April 29, 2011

Republicans need a FAKE Obama

Ron Paul debates a "fake" President Obama. Well this is Fox where they make the news up.


Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

I was going to say that he sounds exactly like Obama and then at the end we find out those are direct quotes from him so in reality that wasn't a "fake" Obama.
But it did give Ron Paul a chance to speak without getting interrupted by some liberal moderator,and it got your attention as well didn't it?
It was a skit to make a point. Get over it. And the point IMO was very well made.

Mary Mayhem said...

It was a skit to make a point. Get over it.

Do you come here just to argue, or did you get stuck in dog form again ti loup garou Lisa?

What's to get over? All he did was post a video from your messiah network... Nothing else was said at all, yet you come here to post useless dribble... Does someone from the GOP blow a dog whistle every time a liberal blogs, so that you dogs know when to come a reply with a non-thought-out, argumentative, barely coherent response....?

What in the hell is the argument here ti chienne?

Darth Bacon said...

Hot Topics,

Why are you misusing French here?

Trying to sound less unintelligent?

Try again.

Mary Mayhem said...

Excusez-moi, misusing French?? LMAO, misusing my FIRST LANGUAGE as well as my family's PRIMARY language???

LMAO, Please, Darth Bacon, please show and educate me on how and where MY first language/familial language was misused?

While you were busy obsessing over every little detail about me, did you overlook the fact that I was born and raised in South Louisiana and my entire family is Cajun? Direct descendants from the original Nova Scotian settlers, to be exact, on all lineage fronts...My parents are both Cajun Historians, as well as many of my other family members...and they all work with UL and LSU....

This is one of the reasons I empathize with Kid so much; I have seen my culture virtually disappear in my lifetime, and I feel it's vitally necessary to preserve such things.

Arguing for argument's ridiculously laughable!!!

Mary Mayhem said...

@ Fatass, BTW, I LOVE it when you refer to me as HOT TOPIC, because although I have never shopped at one of those tacky, corporate disasters, it makes me think that you are assuming that I am at least a decade younger than I actually am, which means I look damn good, which I already knew, but reassurance is always nice, AND, it is also the title of one of my FAVORITE Le Tigre Songs, not about the Corporate Chain at all, of course.

Darth Bacon said...

Creole isn't French, Chere Salope.

Break's over- back to Hot Topics.

Mary Mayhem said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mary Mayhem said...

and like've avoided the question...WHERE EXACTLY DID I MISUSE MY FIRST LANGUAGE?

Mary Mayhem said...

Creole and Cajun ARE NOT the same thing you fucking moron! NOT EVEN CLOSE! And either way, The Creole People of Louisiana DO SPEAK a French Dialect! GOD DAMN you are a fucking moron! I mean, I knew you were dumb, but I gave you at least a little credit before.

....and it's ma connasse, sale or pute chere, no one uses "salope" except for guys looking for porn on the internet... NOT even in France. And even if, ma chere salope, is correct. Throw a "Lola, or Lolita" in that search string and you'll get more French baby porn site hits you perv.

.....if your going to call me derogatory things in my own language, do it correctly...Google translate is very fucking inaccurate, especially as far as the dirty words are concerned...mouffi

and the captcha right now reads "pronstor" how appropriate....

Mary Mayhem said...

correction :

ma salope chere < is correct... is what I meant to in... Ma femme est une salope chere. J'aime la facon dont elle a l'air, meme si elle est un peu trop sexy.

Radical Redneck said...

I was born and raised in South Louisiana and my entire family is Cajun

Explains your uber wannabeism and overall White Trashness Wigger Mary

Darth Bacon said...


In my particular line of work, I'm surrounded by Francophones.

From France.

You know- people who speak the language as it's intended
. Since it's theirs. And that's how it's done.

Chere Imbecile.

Now run off and take some 'edgy' pictures with fake blood, Hot Topics.

Darth Bacon said...

Explains your uber wannabeism and overall White Trashness Wigger Mary

I believe the expression is "Dizzam!", no?

Mary Mayhem said...

You know- people who speak the language as it's intended
. Since it's theirs. And that's how it's done.
Like the original English speakers? Who were they? Quit raping their language please, hypocrite.

Look, I don't give a shit who you work with or where you do this "said" work, you don't speak French, so don't attempt to, and don't try to "school" me by using expletives. It's dumb and childish. Cajuns ARE francophones. Please learn your US History.

This Just IN: The so-called "Laughing stock of the World", the US, with their so-called Laughing stock President has killed Osama bin Laden.

Mary Mayhem said...

And you still fail to answer my question: Where did I misuse my FIRST language??

Mary Mayhem said...

Coming from a dimwit who proudly calls themselves "Radical Redneck" ...

Darth Bacon said...

Awwww, Poor Hot Topics.

Looks like I've touched yet another nerve.

I guess I must have imagined learning French as a child, and testing out of the language requirements through high school, college, and for my professional certifications.

Still doesn't change the fact that Creole ain't French. It's Patois. And that's not got anything to do with my knowledge of US history, as you so childishly attempt to assert- it's a matter of linguistics, ma petite conne.

I thought you were supposed to have some kind of super-sophisticated edumacation! Either way, as I keep repeating, MY credentials aren't the issue- ObaMugabe's are. He's the one in public office, and he's the one marketing himself as a genius while hiding every single aspect of his academic and professional life. You wouldn't tolerate that from Sarah Palin, so it's enormously hypocritical to keep branding us as racists for wanting to know what he spend his life doing, and subsequently hiding. But that's all par for the course, when you're a shrill, lying, avaricious mall rat who thinks they're righteous for lining up behind the likes of Kid.

Oh, and the Pres**ent didn't kill OBL.

OBL was killed my professional warriors- NOT by vain, thin-skinned Newport-smoking Community Organizers or their silly sycophantic internet Daleks like yourself and Kid Illiterate here.

Now go play with the other goth kiddies.

Darth Bacon said...


That should say "Killed BY professional warriors", not 'my professional warriors'.

Mary Mayhem said...

Once again, Creole does not equal Cajun: not even close. Why in the hell do you think the Acadian people went to South Louisiana went they got the boot from Acadia? Because there were French speaking people already there. Some of which were the Creoles. Some of which were the white French people from France. Since Acadians were generally poor and treated like crap by the French people, they got along better with the Creole people, and DO share a lot of customs and traditions with Creole people, but Cajuns and Creoles generally do not even inhabit the same geographic area. Creole people inhabit mostly the greater New Orleans area, and the Cajuns inhabit what is known as Acadiana, or the greater Lafayette area, and the bayou areas surrounding, like Breaux Bridge, Grosse Tete, Abbeville, New Iberia, Opelousas, Ville Platte, Carencro, Butte La Rose, etc etc.....There are two groups of Creoles living in Louisiana, I am neither. 1) A mix of French and Spanish, both descended STRAIGHT from European settlers, they speak something similar to Catalan, and then there is African Creole which is African or Islander (Which is basically traceable back to Africa too) or Brazilian (also sometimes traceable back to Africa) mixed with Spanish and French...which speak patois Creole. Creole sounds like an interesting culture, but once again, it is not my own.

Cajun people speak FRENCH...regular FRENCH! VERY FEW WORDS ARE CHANGED, AND THEY ARE USED AS SLANG, NOT IN PLACE OF THEIR ASSOCIATES... Once again: Where did I misuse MY FIRST LANGUAGE? You cannot answer, because thought I cannot even read or write French very well, I did not misuse it. I have just now started to read and write in French.

BTW, TOO Fat to ride a normal bicycle:

Obama is Commander and Chief of "said" warriors. No one acts without his command. Nice spin, yet totally anticipated. Too bad you are going to have to sit through another term of Obama though. Argue 'til you're blue in the face. It won't do you a damn bit of good. And with that, I am done with you. MISSION "REALLY" Accomplished!!!

Darth Bacon said...


Poor Hot Topics.

Your enormous, self-indulgent, undifferentiated bloviation aside- which says nothing at all with regard to me calling you out on misusing French (which you do, by speaking half-assed Creole!), my point remains, once again.

Mr. Obama- and his mindless Daleks- were not the ones who did this op.

Professional Warriors were. They drew up the contingencies, and presented them to ObaMugabe. You know how it works.

When ops went wrong under President Bush, it was his fault, right? Because he was responsible for every detail?

Or did the C in C become insulated from day-to-day ops since January 09?

Darth Bacon said...


And I left something out...

ObaMugabe could resurrect Jesus Christ himself-

It won't change the (real, not as defined down by ObaMugabe) unemployment rate, or the price of energy (which he SAID would "Skyrocket"), or the price of food- which is EXPLODING.

Therein lies his- and by extension your- demise.

Ever hear anyone say "It's the economy, stupid!", stupid?


Mary Mayhem said...

What's funny is, we people who speak the proper Parisian French as a first language will never ever accept you shitty second rate French as a second language speakers, and WE ALL make fun off your shitty half assed attempt behind your backs. It is true about the French being snobby assholes. So sorry that this gets to you. Just go to Quebec or France and speak your FSL, school learned crap...everyone will prétendre à ne pas tu comprendre à tout...Once again, please point out my "half ass creole" which I don't even know a word of...and shows your supreme ignorance...anyone can look up and see you are a moron...

Kid, all this asshole is trying to do is get me to say that I am not Creole because I am not black so he can say I am racist; he is too ignorant to realize that there are plenty of WHITE, INDIAN AND LATINO creoles in Louisiana, because he is a racist piece of shit.

If I was a black creole, I would be DAMN proud of that heritage too, and I would be damn proud to speak Creole, because I would speak two languages fluently compared to your 1 and 1 of only curse words and things you look up on google translate...

kid said...

@Mary Mayhem

I think that some educated people know the difference between Cajuns and Creoles, Darth doesn't. One guy that I didn't know was Creole was W.E.B. DuBois. Now my high school French is horrible. The only fluent thing in French that I know is "Kraftwerk's" Tour de France.


Republicans have gone apeshit over UBL's death. Last week the Europeans thought that American Republicans were stupid. This IS proof that you hate him because he's black. How can you can keep calling him a Socialist when Bill Sammon said that he lied about the POTUS being a Socialist?

Darth Bacon said...

Now you're a "Parisian" Francophone, raised in Louisi-fuckin'-anna, with proper French as your first language?

Really? Seriously?

How rich, Hot Topics. You're standard-issue white bread and you know it. The Internet is fun, because you screechers can be anyone you want to be!

We can ask my Gabonais and Ivoirien business partners how much Google Translate I need. Or, we can ask the France and Africa-based multinationals we do business with.

Moron. Go play with the other goth kiddies already.


I hate ObaMugabe because he's a Marxist street hustler like Al Sharpton. How many times do I have to say those exact words? I don't care what color his greasy hide is.

And for the tenth time, at least- he's a Marxist because of his politics. Not because of what someone I've never heard of before you mentioned him says. Whatever that person I've never even heard of before says, ObaMugabe steals from the productive, and lavishes upon the lazy and the avaricious, such as yourself and pShaw.

Garden-Variety Commie.

QED, idiots.

Radical Redneck said...

Republicans have gone apeshit over UBL's death. This IS proof that you hate him because he's black.

Prove it or STFU. I don't know one conservative or Republican who isn't happy he's gone. We just aren't jumping around in unseemly joy like your tribe because we are better than you. Also, since he has been neutered for so long (due to the determined righteousness of President Bush and his superb war room) we know this means little in the scheme of things.

See, we aren't reactive, short-sighted idiots like you people. We are the party of wisdom and reason, while yours is the party of hate and mindless emotion.

kid said...

@Darth Bacon

Too bad that all the RICH businessmen WON'T HIRE ANYONE BECAUSE THEY WANT THE PRESIDENT TO FAIL! Too bad the criminal Koch brothers aren't down at Gitmo.

BTW, why did George Bush and several world leaders THANKED the POTUS for killing bin Laden?

@Radical Racist

I'll prove it many right wing pundits want the POTUS arrested for killing bin Laden. they are making him out to be Bush. Bush was the one with the Imperial Presidency. Judge Andrew Napolitano and talk show Michael Gallagher want him arrested. Pretty soon there won't be any Republicans at all.

Radical Redneck said...

Just a cotton-pickin' minute, is that the best you can do? Two unlinked fabricated allegations? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Napolitano is a Democrat you festering dolt.

Pretty soon there won't be any Republicans at all.

Keep up with the eliminationist fantasies Sambo. Just like the conforming, useful idiot National Socialist (NAZI) you are.

We have the guns, we have the money, we have the useful skills, and we have the desireable women to propagate the species. The rare times your "females" get it in the right hole they abort the fetus to gain coffee house cred.

Hint: collecting dole aint a resume builder or a particularly valuable real world tool Soylent Green.

Dance monkey, dance.

Radical Redneck said...
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