Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More Birther BS

How dumb can these people be? This site linked to a Donald Trump for President site and Terry Larkin, the soldier that is in Jail for not going to serve in Iraq because of the POTUS birth certificate. Below is a transcript of the xtranormal cartoon.

You are a racist for asking for Obama's birth certificate

A - Do you think Obama should have to show his birth certificate?

B - Oh, no no no. That would be racist. That is the biggest pile of dog mess I have ever heard.

A - But my own son had to show his birth certificate when he joined little league baseball last week.

B - Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly said people like you are the most dangerous radical fringe terrorists group in all of America.

A - Why would they say that?

B - Because they are paid corporate shills who have sold their souls. Ooops, I mean because anyone who asks a black president for his birth certificate clings to their Bible and guns and is racist. Bill O'Reilly said so.

A - lieutenant colonel Terry Lake-in is an eighteen year army physician with a spectacular service record. Did you know that Mister Lakin is in an interracial marriage and has three beautiful children? Mister Lake-in petitioned his chain of command for over two years to see Obama's birth certificate so that he would know that his combat orders are consitutional and legal.

B - Terry Lake-in is a racist! Bill O'Reilly said so. Glenn Beck said so too.

A - But Terry Lakin is in an interracial marriage.

B - Maybe he wasn't a racist when he got married but he is a racist now. Glenn Beck says so.

A - Have you heard about Pastor James David Manning with Atlah church in Harlem, I mean Atlah, New York? Pastor James David Manning held a constitutionally legal trial and convicted Obama of fraud and sedition. The trial transcripts stated that Obama does not meet the constitutional eligibility requirements to be President of the United States.

B - Pastor Manning is a racist!

A - Pastor Manning is black. He is Pastor of a black church full of righteous black people of God. He has served the black community for decades.

B - Pastor Manning is a racist. Whoopi Goldberg and Andersoon Cooper said so. It was on the view and CNN.

A - Did you know that even Chris Matthews with MSNBC has asked Obama to show his birth certificate? And the Hawaii governor Neil Abercrombie said that he would release it when he got in office but changed his mind when he said could not find any evidence of a long form birth certificate.

B - Chris Matthews and Neil Abercrombie are racists!

A - But Chris Matthews gets a tingle up his leg when he sees Obama. Neil Abercrombie claimed to have caught Obama as a baby when he came out of the womb.

B - I don't have time for all this. We have a black president, just get over it. You are a racist. This is not an important issue.

A - You don't think it is an important issue on the eligibility requirements for the most powerful man on earth to be a natural born citizen? And Obama holds the title of commander in chief of the united states military and runs policy decisions for our country?

B - Listen. You better shut up right now, or I am going to call janet napolitano on you and report you to our government as a terrorist.

A - Even Donald Trump has finally figured out the truth.

B - Donald Trump is a racist.

A - I don't judge Obama by the color of his skin but you decide to defend Obama by the color of his skin. Who is the racist?

B - What did you say? Say that again as it was extremely profound and annoying statement.

A - I said, I don't judge Obama by the color of his skin but you decide to defend Obama by the color of his skin. Who is the racist?

B - Obama please help me! I will contact Obama myself and ask him to show it to you to make all you racist people shut up.

A - Very good, please do that. But all we asking for is $10 document that shows us where is he was born. I mean, what is he afraid of?

B = Argh. But that Obama Long Legged Mack Daddy can not be a fraud. He was going to buy me a car and pay my rent!


Darth Bacon said...

Utterly nonsensical rubbish, from a pathetically stupid loser.

You should commit suicide. Certainly, at least, you should have yourself neutered.

How you manage to remember to breathe, is mystifying.

Mary Mayhem said...

Wow. Darth Bacon doesn't even read your posts, he just sees that you posted something and immediately comes here to say how dumb you are. How sad it must be to be that racist. How boring life must be in the trailer park. If he would have actually watched, he would have loved this video, since it proclaims everything he loves. Conservatism is a mental disorder. Thank go they just committed political suicide by voting for Mental Disorder in Chief Budget Chairman Paul Ryan's budget proposal to privatize medicare today in the house. Old people love two things: Medicare and voting. When they find out that they are going to have to pay a shit ton more for their health insurance and go through a corporate middle man, they are going to vote like crazy, and not conservatively. Florida, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, all of the states where old people love to move when they retire, will be red no more. Good riddance. Eat our shit and choke on it Barf Fakin'! That's what the republicans get for over 20 years of trying to cram this trickle down voodoo economic scheme down everyone's throats. Still waiting for it to trickle down...

Mary Mayhem said...

Wow. Looks like the teabaggers finally learned how to use IMovie, and not well. What's next for them? Spelling and grammar check, HTML, and ......the truth?

Darth Bacon said...

How am I being racist, Mary Mindless?

I have some sad news for you, so you may want to pop a second anti-depressant...

ALL economic activity is- by definition- 'Trickle Down'. Without investors at the top, there's no jobs for lumpenproles like yourself.

I think you may just run a close second to Kid, for dumbest halfwit on the web. You're certainly more venal, and more foul-mouthed- which makes your incoherence even more entertaining.

Tell me, Mary- in your dimension, who provides venture capital? For that matter, what color are the skies? Which direction does water spiral down the drain? I ask because you're certainly not inhabiting the same one as the rest of us.

Up is down.

Black is white.

Captain is Tenille.

And Mary has a coherent thought.

Radical Redneck said...

Mindless Moron aka Mary Mayhem helps kid hide his head in shame after his 1,000th straight PWNGE at the hands of the superiour Americans aka Conservatives!

Mary Mayhem said...

Oh another dipshit teabagger who thinks there a goddamned economist! Trickle down theory is worthless because it works on the fallacious notion that handing out tax breaks to the wealthiest 1% will generate economic growth because they will invest in job creation and spend more, generating more economic activity.. etc, etc, etc...What this theory ignores is that wealthy people already have everything they need, and have absolutely no need to spend, they actually save way more than working class people. Mathematically, the wealthiest one percent are the ones with the lowest marginal propensity to spend. All they invest in with their tax breaks are their own interests ie. their own retirement funds and other 1%-er's retirement funds. Not many jobs are ever created with their big time investments; just millionaires are made into billionaires, and their billions are insured for millions. Corporations are notorious for cost cutting, by mass layoffs, outsourcing, and putting their money in overseas tax havens, When was the last time you ever heard of one of these 1% corporate moguls investing money to create jobs? Where are the jobs? That notion is laughable! They are busy trying to get rid of jobs to increase there own profits, which means less spending, less economic activity, at least with our current set up. They already have nice cars, refrigerators, houses, etc. They only make up 1% of the population, so it's not like they are going crazy purchasing everything on the CPI index. In contrast, working class families, the backbone of America's workforce, the people that keep this country operating, the people that teach our children, the people that protect us while we are asleep, spend like crazy when given a tax break, making them have a significantly higher marginal propensity to spend, which generates way more economic activity, increasing income, spending,consumption, and aggregate demand thus generating economic growth. Just imagine giving 99% of Americans a little bit more money so that they can purchase all of the 83,000 household goods needed on the current CPI. How much extra economic activity would that generate compared to giving a tax break to only 1%? If some working class people could get some extra cash, they could be come maybe even become entrepreneur. Maybe even black people! OMG. Yes Black people, I know that scares some of you regressives. And maybe even women too. Now you are really scared aren't you??!! Argue with it all you want, but you will be arguing against almost all economists that don't work for large corporations, and economics in general, not to mention your best interests, because it is very doubtful that you are ever going to be included in the 1%, and if we keep on our current path, it will be .5% soon.

And sorry Radical Redneck, I'm not fat, I'm skinny. I know your used to the broads that you see in the Trailer Park all day, but most of us "elite" liberals actually watch what we eat, because we care about our health and what goes into our bodies as well as out children's and what is in our air and water as well. I know that sounds like fascism to you nutballs, but you regressives aren't known for your sharp intellect. That's why I don't ever see any of your kind in any of my classes.

Mary Mayhem said...


kid said...

@Darth Bacon

You're right, it's rubbish. I printed every word from THE SOURCE.

The author mentioned that Terry Lankin was in a interracial relationship and he couldn't be a racist. Well Strom Thurman was in a interracial relationship too. Clarence Thomas and his white wife Ginny both hate the Civil Rights movement and Affirmative Action. BTW. he was helped by Afrimative Action.

Now I don't have to mention about J.D. Manning since Shaw Kenawe mentioned him earlies.

Also that Republican dog whistle about the POTUS paying our bills or getting people cars is getting tired. Maybe you should do like Mrs. Mayhem says and read the article. No matter how much you change the subject, you can never prove your point.

@Mary Mayhem

Did you hear that our fearless Moose killin' Mother was in Wisconsin today for a Tea party? Neither did I. She has become irrevelant. I hardly heard a peep out of the Tea Baggers.

Radical Redneck said...

And sorry Radical Redneck, I'm not fat, I'm skinny.

Nice try Shamu but you lie. Again.

I've seen your pictures - if you were any more gelatinous you'd have Jello™ in stadium sized letters across your area code sized backside.

Mary Mayhem said...

Nope.. I only see them when they troll my blog and yours. Surprisingly they can't even meet the standards set for a 32% enrollment rate at UCD Business, which can't be brain surgery compared to Harvards 6% rate...You would think the Business School would be filled with Entrepreneurial Tea Baggers, but nope, they're all in the Liberal Arts College, until they can get their GPA and test scores high enough as "Pre-Business" majors, complaining constantly, threatening to go to UCD Boulder where the admin rate is 89%, and most drop out before getting in. They just sit outside and smoke all day while everyone else in the liberal arts college, the actual liberal arts majors, go to class and grab an education so they can become a productive citizens of society. Talk about major hypocrisy here, from the very same people who refer to liberals as leeches on society. The teabaggers stick out on campus and they all flock to one section, the smoking section, as I call it. You know I was walking behind one of the teabag girls on the way to the bus stop today, and there was a homeless guy selling The Voice Newpaper, which is a Denver project which employees the homeless. They get paid to stand on street corners and sell these papers for a dollar each. They don't make much, but they have to work for money. Its a good program, but anyway, the guy asked us, "Would you like a copy of the Voice for a dollar?" and I was getting some change to give him, and the bitch said "No, I'm a republican." And I said "He asked you to buy a Voice, not what your fucking outlook on politics were!" Seriously? Now Republicans aren't even allowed to purchase products from a homeless person, that is beneath them. WTF. I gave him 10 dollars and bought ten voices, and shoved one of them in her messenger bag, and she threw it in the next trash can, and i pulled it out and put it in the recycling bin right in front of her....this was right in front of the Starbucks in writers square and about 20 people witnessed it, and a slow clap emerged, and I got a standing ovation. Then I gave everyone the extra voices and went on my way. It was something out of a damn after school special. I hope that bitch fails in life.

Mary Mayhem said...

Yep RR 5'2 and 110, huge. Another conservative lie.