Thursday, April 28, 2011

The New Rev. Wright?

What was Rev. Wallace Charles Smith's crime? He let the Obama family into Shiloh Baptist Church and called Fox racist. In this video we see Oreilly , Alan Colmes, and his sister in law Monica Crowley. They claim that there is no racism at Fox. You have got to be kidding me? All they do at Fox is racism. As a matter of fact Fox gone full birther.

Now Donald Trump wants to see the President's college transcripts because he's A Affirmative Action hire. What level of success can a Black person in America get to when they are not judged as less than human. This is the same America that wanted to accept the beauty queen who went to seven community colleges as a genius.

This has always been about race. I never thought people could make the Clinton attacks by "The American Spectator" look mild. They claimed that Bill and Hillary Clinton had people murdered and sold Cocaine. When I seen this on Rush Limbaugh's Television show (yes he had one) I thought it couldn't get worst than this,I was wrong.

Donald claims that no one knew the POTUS in college. A couple of his roommates at Harvard is Gov. Duval Patrick and actor Hill Harper. It seems easier for bigots to just think that a black guy couldn't graduate college because they just don't have the mental capacity.


Lisa said...

Lisa said...

Hey Kid do you remember ow Bush was consistently ostracized on MSNBC because his daddy got him into Harvard?
If Obama was white he's be getting slammed the same way by the opposition. That's politics.
Come out from inside you bubble once in a while. It really doesn't serve you very well.

Lisa said...

Obama is the smart one. Bush is the dumb one. Don't you remember?

The J Mopper said...

Here come the "Grader" conspiracy theorists...

vanishing point said...

no Lisa, if Obama was stupid and unqualified to get into Harvard, but his daddy got him in anyway, like Bush did,that might make things different.

vanishing point said...

Obama is the smart one. Bush is the dumb one. Don't you remember?

April 28, 2011 9:03 AM
Blogger The J Mopper said...

Here come the "Grader" conspiracy theorists...

April 28, 2011 1:05 PM


Shaw Kenawe said...

Lisa writes: "Hey Kid do you remember ow Bush was consistently ostracized on MSNBC because his daddy got him into Harvard?"

lisa, please, look up word definitions before you use them, mkay?


Darth Bacon said...


I know you aren't smart enough to, but try attacking Lisa's point rather than her choice of words. It's also more than a little misplaced, considering how Kid here is barely literate.

And I hate to break it to you mooching losers- ObaMugabe himself has stated publicly he was the beneficiary of AA, when referring to his admission to Columbia and Harvard.

Considering how the American Bar Association has documented that blacks who were admitted to law schools with qualifications below the threshold for admission failed out at a far higher rate than did blacks with adequate qualifications, and that ObaMugabe has been sold since Day One as being some kind of super genius, it's quite reasonable to doubt his claims given his performance.


Darth Bacon said...

Oh, and one more thing for you to choke on, losers-

ObaMugabe earned "Magna" honors at Harvard.

"Summa", at the time, was given to the top 30 PERCENT of a class- which PROVES beyond a doubt that your Holy Golden Urkel is decidedly average.

No wonder he has absolutely no idea what he's doing- other than what he was taught by white socialists.

Mary Mayhem said...

Citation Please - Bacon - Summa is NOT top 30%, and if it ever was for some reason I would like to see a source...In law schools, Summa is usually the top 1%, the valedictorian, by vote, or for a 4.0 or higher GPA, Magna is usually top 10%, or around a 3.8 GPA, and cum laude is usually the top 30% or around a 3.5 GPA, depending on how a school awards their honors.

Even if he only graduated Magna Cum Laude...that's pretty damn good.

Bacon, what were the standards at Penn State or where ever you went's school of general studies? Oh wait thats an undergraduate degree, so there really isn't any comparison....

Shaw Kenawe said...

To the piece of Bacon.

No one cares about your racist rants.


This is about white losers who can't accept the fact that Mr. Obama is magnitudes smarter than they are, q.v., Donald Trump.

This piece of bacon, who apparently needs our attention and can't stay away from liberals, is wracked by the reality that a bi-racial man is his president. LOL!

The whole birther movement is nothing more than racism in a GOP stinkpot.

Lisa said...

Shaw this whole presidency is about racism. Just ask any one of your liberal equals with your superior intellect. They have it all figured out.
Actually they had it all figured out in Oct 2008.But so did we.
Many conservatives said numerous times,including myself, watch how the left plays the race card whenever you disagree with Obama.

Instead of making yourslf try to look so smart,maybe you should see it for what it really is.
"One Big Crock of BS"

Shaw Kenawe said...


You can't handle the truth!

No other president in the history of this country has had to produce his birth certificate. And when he did, the birthers said it wasn't authentic, even though EVERY OFFICIAL IN THE STATE OF HAWAII FROM THE REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR TO THE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH said it was.

For two long ugly years the conservatives kept casting aspersions on Mr. Obama's American birth until it got to the point where 45% of GOOPers believed he wasn't a legitimate president.

He then was forced by racist people like you to go even further and produce ANOTHER bc.

No other president in our history has had to endure the slander about his birth that this man has.

And no other president in our history has been bi-racial.

Don't come here and say we're using the race card when people like you have an entire deck of them ready to besmirch this president's American citizenship.

lisa wrote: "Just ask any one of your liberal equals with your superior intellect."

lisa, YOU are the one who wrote that. Neither I nor anyone else did. You and your ilk are always the ones who refer to Mr. Obama as "The Messiah" or "The One."

Apparently you and your crowd are the only ones who think it is an insult to say someone has a superior intellect. LOL! And it bites your arses to discover it in our bi-racial president. LOL!

Lisa said...

umm Shaw all you hear in the media is about Obama's superior intellect.
I don't know but when you have 50,000 people chanting "Obama,Obama,Obama,Obama" and teachers dedicating their time to having children sing praises to him,and yes without knowing anything about him.
I would say you didn't need to call him a Messiah ,it showed in your and he media's action with their tingling feelings up their legs and all.
Go on any left wing blog and you know who's in particular and see all the mushy love for him.

Lisa said...

I wonder how the Latino community feels that they were being ignored and deported in record numbers and now they are being pandered to once again just in time for the next election.
You people are really something how you play along .
Your party is so full of crap and BS.

Shaw Kenawe said...

lisa, why do you come here? No one respects your opinion.

Lisa said...

Shaw I don't come here looking for respect. If I wanted respect I wouldn't want it from you that's for sure.

Mary Mayhem said...

lisa wrote: "Just ask any one of your liberal equals with your superior intellect."

@ Shaw, sorry this might be where we are in discord, but I do happen to think, and I have also proclaimed MANY times that I, and my three and a half year old son, have more intellect than Lisa and about 45% of the GOP.

Lisa said...

My dog is smarter than you Mary because he knows BS when he smells it.

Mary Mayhem said...

@Lisa That's clever; I've been convinced that you and your dog were one-in-the-same: a loup garou sort of situation or maybe even a Son of Sam one.

Lisa said...

Yes he tells me to come here and slay you with my comments.

Darth Bacon said...

Hot Topics-

ObaMugae graduated Columbia with NO honors at all- with Latin honors given to the top 25% of the class.


Magna has only been restricted to the top ten percent since 1999. Previously, 76% of graduates were awarded 'honors'.

I realize liberal losers think credentials are all-important, but my education is not the issue. At any rate, I wasn't given any handouts like apparently a certain super-genius has admitted.

A certain 'top 76 percent of the class' super genius.


Darth Bacon said...

Hot Topics, Kidiot, and pShaw,

Here- this may help you understand.

Mary Mayhem said...

@ Darth --that article in NO way proves what you said. It just says that 76% used to receive honors. It does not break down the tiers. Nice try.

Your credentials do come into questioning when you open the door by attacking someone's HARVARD LAW DEGREE w/ HONORS....I can't even say that without laughing... It's so ridiculous that you idiots are even making this an issue after the eight years we've just had to put up with.

Darth Bacon said...

Yes, 8 years of historically low unemployment.

Lying idiot.

You 'put up with' eight years of not getting your way, no matter how much you squalled and banged your sippy-cups on your high-chair trays.

And if someone's academic bona fides aren't important, then explain why you morons constantly screeched that Bush was unaccomplished, while your Mediocre Messiah was, like, totally a genius n' stuff.

The Crimson sums it up pretty nicely.

It's like this:

Barry The Golden Urkel marketed himself as a super-genius messiah-to-all. It would have been nice if he had been able to demonstrate that- which is impossible to do, since he's had all his grades, test scores, applications, presumed scholarly output while an adjunct lecturer etc. locked away. Since we now know that 'Magna' means 'somewhere in the top 3/4' of the class, but not at the top', it's not surprising why he doesn't want his actual grades known. Since we also know that he claimed to have benefited from AA, and since such a policy was the formal policy of the establishment, it's quite reasonable to think he's a puffer who foisted himself on every institution he has participated in, with their willing collusion.

All of this having absolutely ZERO to do with him being half black, he is what we said he would be- a total failure.

Dave Miller said...

Darth, whatever level of academics Obama rose to at Harvard are irrelevant.

The fact is he won a majority of the popular vote in 2008 and crushed McCain in the electoral college vote.

He has shown many times over he is a US citizen, has had his birth certificate checked numerous times by Hawaiian officials of both parties, and they all verified its authenticity.

That was all in the run up to the 2008 elections. He has now released his birth certificate publicly, something Mitt Romney has not yet done [is he qualified to be president? how de we know he was born here], yet for many, that still is not enough to prove his citizenship.

Isn't it the lease bit odd that this level of scrutiny has never been visited on any prior candidate or president of the US?

And Lisa, are you still not giving us a working definition of the "mix of true and false facts" you said you use on your web site and in your posts?

What exactly is a false fact?

I know I won't give that one up, but unless you can help us understand what you were saying, how can you expect to be taken seriously?

Mary Mayhem said...

Pretty soon they will have us ALL wearing our papers around our necks, via jump drive necklaces, a la 1930's Germany, with a technical update.

Who will they call the communist, Fascists then? They will only have themselves to blame.


Shaw Kenawe said...

Mary and Dave,

The piece of bacon's little diatribe is just dripping with envy.

It really must gall people like him to see minorities shine as brilliantly and magnificently as the Obamas do. It goes against all their prejudices--y'know--"How could an African-American achieve so much without either cheating or getting preferential treatment?"

What people like bacon never question is how the scions of wealthy white men get into prestigious institutions of higher learning. For example, let's look at George W. Bush, who was rejected by UT's law school, but somehow made it into Harvard's MBA program. No questions about his aptitude there, eh?

And GWB also scored 25%, the lowest possible passing grade on the pilot aptitude portion when he signed up for the Texas Air National Guard. But he still got trained as a pilot. Amazing.

No preferential treatment there, wot?

Nothing to do with his father's and grandfather's positions as US politicians or being CIA director.

No. Only minorities are given preferential treatment in the racist world people like bacon populate.

It is more than hilarious to read bacon call this man who came from humble beginnings--no rich connected father or grandfather in his background--achieve with a solid majority in becoming the President of the United States of America and Commander in Chief.

Bacon calls that a failure!

More evidence of how insane that sort of thinking is.


Mary Mayhem said...

It's newspeak Shaw. It really is.

Anonymous said...

Oh, so criticizing Obama is racist now?

I guess those on the screaming left who criticize him must be wwwwacist. Not to mention the first wife, who is Black and more Conservative than I am.

I'd vote for Allen West in a heartbeat. Or does he not count as someone Black enough for you?

Darth Bacon said...


What are you doing, trying to actually 'discuss' things with these dopes?

They aren't interested in 'justice', 'fairness', 'equality', or any of the terms they've bastardized so completely.

What they want is retribution.

I wish they'd come take it, already.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Intellectual Conservative = oxymoron

Bacon dude. We still don't give a flying intercourse what you think.

Unknown said...

Darth, I actually like using logic on these types. You know me lol ... It's so entertaining to watch their heads explode and resort to every trick in their overused playbook - including the usual name calling and charges of WWWAAACCCIIIISSSSSMMM!! ... anything to avoid using actual answers to questions.

So, is Allen West black enough for you lefties, or does he not count somehow?

As for retribution, you're right ... the two words that come to my mind are the same as yours probably .. MOLON LABE!

Dave Miller said...

Darth, actually, I'd love to have a discussion, as opposed to a shouting, name calling, non fact based, not answer a question match.

Unfortunately, when I pose a question to a conservative like yourself, as evidenced here, and frequently on Mal's site, it just gets ignored.

Or the response like a recent question to Mal on another site has nothing to do with the question.

If you get a chance, maybe you could respond to my last question.

If not, I have another. Lisa has stated on her blog that she uses a "Mix of both true and false facts."

You are one who purports to be interested in truth, as it is a conservative value.

How could you side with someone who admittedly uses non truthful information in her posts?

And how can we, as liberals know when she is using real truthful facts, and her false facts?

Lisa, you can take a shot at these as well.

tha malcontent said...

Dave Miller said...
Darth, actually, I'd love to have a discussion, as opposed to a shouting, name calling, non fact based, not answer a question match.
Unfortunately, when I pose a question to a conservative like yourself, as evidenced here, and frequently on Mal's site, it just gets ignored.

Or the response like a recent question to Mal on another site has nothing to do with the question.

Perhaps it's because you ask questions as if you are a prosecutor, cross-examining a witness who is a criminal
Even when you are answered, you don’t seem to want to accept the answer. I am not on trial here as I am a criminal, when I give an answer or state my opinion, that is it my friend. I don’t wish to be Crossed Examined. Like I said, I am not on trial here as I am a criminal, so don't treat me as if I were.
Salamu Alaykum

Dave Miller said...

Mal said, "you ask questions as if you are a prosecutor...

Mal, I agree, I generally ask very pointed specific questions.

Extreme conservatives do not like that type of question any more than extreme liberals like the same type of question.

I also ask that type of question, many times, to see if people are consistent in their views, or only hold those views when their guy is in the office.

You know am a middle of the road kind of guy. I've been critical of President Obama in the past, and have praised President Bush when I felt it was justified. {Ask Mike from Mike's America if you doubt that]

But you know that I cannot stand points of view that represent one sided partisanship.

Here's a good example. I have seen many times on your site where you are critical of President Obama for a specific act, or policy and say it is destroying America. Now that is all well and good. But when presented with an argument that other Presidents who have done the same thing, you are unwilling to acknowledge that they too, by the logic you used to impugn President Obama, must be destroying America.

My general feeling is that the extremists on both sides of aisle are ruining our country, and making the search for reasonable solutions unreachable.

tha malcontent said...

Yes Dave but we all have our own opinion on why, don't we.
My opion is that Obama can't be as dumb as he acts, so he must have other reasons for doing what he does that is causing the destruction to America

Dave Miller said...

Mal, couldn't I have used that same logic for President Bush on Iraq?

Look, he, and his administration were wrong on many decisions regarding Iraq. This is not open to any interpretation as he and past admin officials have admitted as much.

Using your logic, I have to understand them to be either 1. just plain stupid, or 2. evil...

Let me know which one it is.

Can you see the difficulty of this type of logic and thinking? If everything has to be either/or, there can be no room for grey, nuance, creative thinking, etc.

It is a terminal problem for the extremists...

tha malcontent said...

Dave said" Using your logic, I have to understand them to be either 1. just plain stupid, or 2. evil."

I'll pick #2. If being a Socialist is "Evil" And in my opinion it is..
Then #2 is my answer.

Frankly, Obama is trying to make America into a socialist nation. To me, and to many other freedom lovers like me thats pretty evil.

Salamu Alaykum

Dave Miller said...

Mal, thank you for your statement that President Bush was in fact, not stupid, but evil...

WHile I do not agree, it is gratifying to see a conservative say that.