Monday, April 18, 2011

Have America turned into Porky's?

Have you seen how childish people have been acting? No this or that. No talk about sex. No freedom at all, unless you're a Republican. It's just like the movie Porky's. Only the rich and the Republican can get their groove on. Porky's was about the hypocracy that took on then.

When Porky's came out I was a kid. We were told that it was bad on the youth of America, so we went in DROVES. Ministers chasing women around. Wild parties, all sorts of debauchery. Well it didn't harm me, at least I hope it didn't. It showed the world how fake Americans were in their quest for the so-called ideal America. We were some filthy mothers back in the day. It continues today.

When people tried to compare the POTUS family to the Palins, it turned into a hot mess. They tried to portray the First Family as "ghetto", but it made Palins family look more "ghetto" than the Evans family on "Good Times". Drug dealing in-laws, teen pregnancy, that kind of backfired on them. Sean Klannity even questioned how the POTUS can have his family sit in THAT church.

The church in question was the United Church of Christ, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. My Senator Sherrod Brown and his wife Connie Schultz belong to that denomination. The right made it sound like a factory for Communist.

Rev. Jeremiah Wright was a man that had a college deferment during the Vietnam War. he sign up TWICE for the Navy and the Marines. There's a photo of him with Bill Moyer L.B.J. press secretary. LBJ even said that Rev. Wright SAVED his life. He went to Syria and got a American Jet Pilot out. During "Monicagate" he was there to console the First Family. Sean made him out to be some kind of super Black Nationalist. How far must black people go to prove their patriotism?

The famous speech that Rev. Wright gave in church was a response to the "Reagan Doctrine" of supporting terrorist, or as they called them "Freedom Fighters". Most black ministers in America kept quiet, they were worried about hurting Sen. Obama's campaign. One man that stood up was Fr. Michael Pfleager. Bill Oreilly had the Catholic Church shut him down. Michael Medved even complained that Fr. Pfleager Church had a mural of a black Jesus.

Now Sean Hannity could have a White Supremacist , bomb maker who might be bi- sexual and a drug addict SLEEP at his house. Sean even invited Hal Turner to the studio. At the same time he questioned the President having his children go to his church. The POTUS had Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers visit his children. don't sound like racists to me.

You had ministers and Congressmen from the right being caught in "sexapades" all over the place. It seems like the right can do it and no one else can. Some people are held up to a higher level like the First Family.

If you want to interview the POTUS, first interview Hal Turner.


Radical Redneck said...

The South, in the 50's and early 60's, was excellent.

They knew their place.

Have America turned into Porky's?

Great grammar BTW!

Darth Bacon said...

You're deleting comments.

There is no greater sign of someone who doesn't believe in the crap they put out- a la Baghdad Bob- than someone who just deletes comments.

Prove me wrong, "Kid"

Mary Mayhem said...

From someone who doesn't even have a blog or profile on blogger...

I love Kim Cattrell as Lassie in Porkey's


Radical Redneck said...

Aren't you jealous?

Shouldn't you be the dog?