Monday, April 4, 2011

Reasons why a African American should not vote Republican

Let me explain a little something about Jesse Lee Peterson. Rev. Peterson works for Sean Klannity's fake Civil Rights organization called B.O.N.D.; Brotherhood Of A New Destiny. This "Civil Rights" organization got Dog the Bounty Hunter his job back after he referred to his son's girlfriend as a nigger. Jesse Lee also lost a court case concerning him trying to beat up Jesse Jackson and his son. Yes this is the Jesse Jackson that march with Dr. King. On the You Tube above he thanks whites for slavery. This man is scum and Republicans LOVE him. The only difference between Jesse Lee and a Gangbanger is that a Gangbanger at some point STOPS destroying his neighborhood, the Black Republican doesn't. Jesse Lee is a poverty pimp, he tells whites to keep Blacks in poverty and he pimps them. On the first You Tube he's telling Bill Cunningham, a Conservative talk show host that Blacks shouldn't run any type of government or anything because they will mess it up. I guess that means that maybe you shouldn't send Jesse Lee any money either because he will mess that up. I wanted to post the video where he tells lies about Dr.King's legacy but was unable to. This man is pathetic.


Mary Mayhem said...

I feel sorry for him. It sounds like he has a mental disorder. Besides being obviously delusional, the way he talks makes him sound a little off. Just his slow, fumbling voice. What's even worse or sick even, the amount of Republicans that are capitalizing on his obvious slowness and making a mockery of him and all the struggles African American communities have faced in the past and are still facing presently. Does any religion believe that GOD gave everyone free choice anymore, or is it just this divine plan crap? The slavers chose to enslave people, and Americans chose to purchase them. The only people who didn't have a choice were the slaves! How could a religious person blame this horrid thing on GOD! It's the evils of humanity that did this, not a deity.

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

Oh yeah like the democrat party doesn't have their "tools".

And that is pretty much everyone who gives them a free pass unchecked.
Pretty much like they have been doing for the last 2 years.
Do you not listen to Gietner and Obama's debt commission? or did MSNBC keep that from you? . We are headed for a financial meltdown if we don't stop what we are doing and you just keep singing along like you won't be affected or thinking you will benefit from it.
Unless you like 5.00 per gallon of gas. And that's just for starters.
If and when the fed pulls the plug on the money it will affect those without more than ever but it seems those same people think the democrats are going to come to their rescue.....some day.

Dirty little secret,they really could care less. A politician Rep or Dem will promise things for votes which is why the Tea Party emerged,like them or not but they are truly the ones concerned about what is happening to our country.
even you kid.

Shaw Kenawe said...

The Tea Party is losing favor week by week with the American people.

"CNN has a new poll out showing their highest-ever level of unfavorable views for the Tea Party movement. According to the poll, 47 percent of Americans now have an unfavorable view of the Tea Party, as compared to 32 percent with a favorable one.

The trend looks reasonably clear: unfavorable views are on the rise. Although the CNN poll may have exaggerated them slightly, they now register at about 44 percent, according to the trendline.
It’s not clear, on the other hand, that favorable views are decreasing; they’ve never been much higher than the low 30s, and that’s roughly where they remain today. Instead, this is almost certainly a case of Americans who had ambivalent views about the Tea Party before now coming to a more negative impression.

It’s also not obvious that this is anything especially new; unfavorable views have probably been increasing to some extent over the course of the past 15 months or so."

vanishing point said...

Curious if you know the actual percentages of African Americans voters who are registered republicans? I personally know a lot of republicans, and I don't know one yet that is an African American:)

Anonymous said...

the chef in the place that i have breakfast is African American and I’m pretty sure that he’s a republican, because he told me that he pays taxes.

Darth Bacon said...

Kid, you dumb spade.

Je$$e is worth many, many millions of dollars.. He's never made, or sold anything, or done a productive job- so how does an 'activist' get that money?

Easy- just as WEB DuBois (a real black man you should look up to- not your race pimps like Je$$e and Al) warned you- there are those among you who will seek to profit from blacks' poverty. That's what your heroes do.

Any semblance to the young man who marched (but did little else) with MLK Jr is totally gone.

In his place, we have a man who still has not apologized for his part in the Tawanna Brawlwy hoax.

If your parents had voted republican, maybe your semiliterate ass would know the difference between 'a', and 'an'.

Lisa said...

Sorry Shaw I don't go by CNN polls

Darth Bacon said...

What pShaw the idiot doesn't want you to know, is that the Thefties' ratings are lower- and falling faster- than any republican, conservative, or TEA party candidate.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

What's most amusing about stupid people like pShaw, is how easy it is to get them marching in lockstep, each empty-headed liberal blogger zealously guarding the message for Massah Obama.

Radical Redneck said...

Recently I was in Minnesota with a colleague. He asked: "Why are there no black people here?"

I responded: "Dumbass, this is the land of 10,000 lakes; they aint bouyant - they'd all drown"

Darth Bacon said...

As I keep pointing out,

These degenerate slugs don't have the slightest interest in 'justice', 'fairness', 'equality', or any of the other Orwellian inversions they identify their fellow travelers by.

What they want is retribution. Their turn at the whip.

Come and take it, clowns.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Sorry, lisa, I don't pay any attention to your unenlightened opinions.

The Tea Party's last convention had 300 people in attendance. Wisconsin had 80,000 protesters in favor of the working people. FACT.

Keep watching FAUX NOOZ and pretend you know what you're talking about.

Just because YOU don't like CNN, that doesn't mean their research is not correct.


Bacon dude and red neck dude:

I do not suffer fools gladly

Darth Bacon said...


You are the fool here.

OFA and it's union thug henchmen at SEIU- the Purple People Beaters- brought in 1700 buses full of paid protesters from out of state.

YOU might think that's some grand show of grassroots solidarity, but the real word for that is Astroturfing.

And if you don't suffer fools gladly, what are you going to do- try and get peoples profiles shut down by flagging and complaining to Google?

Good little Proggie.


Radical Redneck said...

"Bacon dude and red neck dude: I do not suffer fools gladly"

Then you obviously have no mirrors in your Section 8 hovel.

Good thing I suppose: how much bad luck would you bring yourself every time you'd appear on them?

Darth Bacon said...


Vampires and other blood-sucking parasites don't have reflections!


Radical Redneck said...


Dave Miller said...

Shaw, let's remember that Lisa once said she "use a mix of both true and false facts" in her postings.

Lisa, what polls do you pay attention to and why do you believe those particular ones, as opposed to others?

Lisa, did you listen to President Obama's debt commission? They recommended cutting spending and raising taxes.

Why is it the GOP only advocated for half of the proposed solution?

Just askin...

Anonymous said...

Shaw Kenawe and Dave Dude...
I have a great video for you guys,

it is well worth the 2 or 3 minutes it take to watch this video

What really bugs me is that we can’t even use our own laws to bring people like the jerkoffs in Washington to justice. They control all the institutions and they just block any attempt to do so.
And why is it whenever liberals like Shaw disagrees with someone, then it is acceptable to use any means to insult their opponent?

Lisa said...

Dave you liberals have this grand vision that if we taxed the rich more all our problems would be solved. But the real Truth is we are in a recession and raising taxes affects the middle class because those are the largest pool of people to take from. So lets' see you want 15 million people who are unemployed to pay more? Or do you want people who are struggling to put food on the table,pay their mortgages and 4.00 a gallon gas and oil to pay more?
We have to cut spending first. We waste too much money . The people are tired of the spending and they feel it in their wallets. The unions want theirs, but "theirs" comes from those same people who are struggling. These are different times and being you are the party of "change",that is one of the changes we need to reform.

Lisa said...
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Dave Miller said...

Lisa, I want a balanced approach of both spending cuts and tax increases back to the levels we saw during the Reagan Administration.

If certain rates were alright for The Gipper, why aren't they good enough for people today?

I'll await your answer.

Dave Miller said...

Voodoo, I've never seen Shaw use racial epithets to describe anyone.

That type of behavior, in my opinion, has no place in any enlightened discussion.

You however, and Darth Bacon, were both pretty quick to bring that into the discussion board.

Darth Bacon said...


It's fun to taunt these twits with racial epithets.

If I'm going to be reflexively labeled a racist for simply disagreeing with them- which is precisely what happened- then I might as well have fun with it.

Just callin' a spade a spade ;-)

kid said...

Darth Bacon said...
Kid, you dumb spade.

...just as WEB DuBois (a real black man

...Just callin' a spade a spade ;-)

First Dr. DuBois (pronounced Do Boys) was a Communist. You right he's a real black man. He met with Frantz Fanon and had a correspondance with him.

Now how are you going to convince me to be a Republican if you keep calling me out of my name?

@ Dave Miller

Welcome to my blog. You have done so much with your life from what I seen on your blog. Keep up the good work.