Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pravda Propaganda

Fox and Glenn Beck are now quoting from Pravda, but it's not the real Pravda.Pravda still exist in Russia , but it's not connected with the Communist Party anymore. The Communist Party doesn't exist anymore.

This is the Capitalist version of the newspaper. They're much like FOX. It's publishes sensationalist articles that have nothing to do with reality.If you are familiar with Sun-Tsu's "Art of War", you'll know that your enemy will not publish what they know about you.

Any publication that post busty photo's of semi-nude women should not be taken seriously.The on-line magazine put out anti-Obama articles , but only in English. The other editions of their magazine in other languages don't.This is for American consumption only.The country also publish a separate Russian edition,but it is separate from their on-line foreign editions.

When FOX's proles read what Beck and the other hate-monger write when they quote Pravda, they take it for the Gospel truth.So when you read the English version of the paper that says that the President is a Communist agent, please be assured that it is not real.Yes Pravda standards,(the REAL one) are higher than FOX's.So much for American journalism.


Anonymous said...

The Right is reading Pravda? That whirring sound you hear is Ronald Reagan spinning in his own grave.

Tim Gunter said...

Today's Pravda looks a lot like the New York Post. The latest scoop they have in the front page is "Obama: USA's Mikhail Gorbachev." Also, "Ukrainian Girl Born Without Mouth," and "Russian Adult Star Gets Tattooes."

kid said...


How dumb can they get.It's a strange world when the National Enquirer in now a legitimate news agency.


The scary part is that Glenn Beck's followers think, THAT IT'S REAL! they have nerve to call the left delusional.