Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I hope he fails.

One of Debbie's lovely, sweet, Christian friends wrote her this lovely tome:

To: Kid Funkadelic

From: R.J. via email:

"Tommy and Debbie are far too polite. But I don't give a damn. If you act like a nigger, I'll go ahead and call you a nigger and I don't care if ANYONE falls off their chair or not.

Personally, I'd rather call you an Obama supporter. That's a far worse thing to be called anyway.

I have many friends who are African-American, Muslim-American, Native American, and dozens who aren't even American at all. I call everyone "friend" and I treat them in the same manner that God expects me to treat them regardless of who or what they are. You sir -- and I do not know of your race anymore than I know of your eye color -- however, are acting like a bona fide jackass and that transcends race, religion, and politics. Feel free to fill in your favorite stereotype here...."

--end comment--

Posted by: Debbie | June 10, 2009 at 02:34 PM

To quote Rudy Ray Moore..."while taking a sh*t I read your letter,the more I read I sh*t much better."

Or more to the point mother had you , and mother fu*k you.

I wouldn't run around popping junk,and write books on overthrowing the government because the President is black.

Tell the Treasury Department (Secret Service) I said Hi.

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vanishing point said...

you should read the guest post they put up about the KKK's right to say what they want, ect...