Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Watch out Clarence !

The right has started attacking Justice Sotomayor early.Rusty Limpballs called her a reverse racist that was appointed by the biggest reverse racist.Charles Krauthammmer said she the opposite of what Martin Luther King stands for.My "Uncle" Kenneth Blackwell (well he's everybodies Uncle)said that she will take away everyone's gun.

What you're going to see is the destruction of the Republiklan party.Now the brother's can protest with the best of them,but not like our Hispanic brothers.Remember when Latinos had their day without a Hispanic protest ? Upscale resturants in Cleveland closed. There was a produce shortage.Hey Rush keep fu*king with her,please.

The attacks from the right might make Hispanics a permanent fixture in the Democratic party.I not ashamed to say that Hispanics are more organized than Black civil rights groups.Well they are, and they are going to be pissed at you telling them FU every day.Rush and company are going to make the two largest minority groups UNITE !

Like many African American groups there are many sub groups in the Latino community.Cubans in Southern Florida vote as a group.The President squeak with some of their votes.The racist attacks have started and they won't accept the Republiklans telling them to go eff themselves.So when Glenn Beck tells her on twitter to ask the Messiah (Obama) to help get rid of her diabetes you won't hear any laughter en Espanol.


lincolnperry said...

Hmm, dont get fake out on this one Kid!

lincolnperry said...
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vanishing point said...

Hey nice post! I cant stand Charles Kraphammer.
I have read a lot of bad stuff about her too, like she's not too smart, or more sexist stuff like she bases opinions on empathy not rule of law.

Malcolm said...

The Sotomayor nomination is more proof to me that President Obama is a political genius. Right on cue, the clownish portion of the Republican party resorted to their typical dirty tricks. If they keep it up, the Republican party just might join the Whigs and the Federalists on the politically extinct list.