Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Global Day of Blogging for Troy Davis

Troy Davis is about to be executed soon in Georgia.He was convicted of murder.What if he's innocent ?

Amnesty International has organized groups to help Troy Davis .From political leaders, to Bishop Tutu , to Pope Benedict have called for a stop to his execution. Former President Carter and Bob Barr even united on this issue.

Witnesses have recanted their testimony. Evidence wasn't allowed.Someone even admitted to the murder , but Georgia is not listening.Maybe you can do something.

May 19th is declared a global day of blogging for Troy Davis.You can contact the State of Georgia and let them know know that we are watching - that the world is watching.You can also contact one of my friend listed below:

African American Political Pundit – AAPP aka LN Rock
AfroSpear Think Tank - Asabagna Alatentou
Christina C. Marus – Facebook
Conversations with Marva - Ms. Marvalus
Eddie Griffin (BGSA) – Eddie Griffin
Electronic Village – Wayne Hicks
Fresh & Fab - Fandf Adrian
Michael Leo Owens – Facebook
Michele Queyroy – Facebook
My Brown Eyed View – Ms. Lady Deborah
On the Black Hand Side – Vanessa Byers
Regina’s Family Seasons – Regina Seaman
Roland S. Martin - Facebook
Sojourner’s Place – SjP
Nicholas Jordan-Facebook
SlantTruth-Kevin Elliot
The Field Negro – Wayne Bennett
Ultra Violet Underground – Purple Zoe

Thank you.


vanishing point said...

Do you happen to know if the blogging has had any effect, has there been a stay?

kid said...

Well people are listening and that's good.I will put more info up when I get it.

vanishing point said...

ok thanks a lot.

Zhana21 said...

Well done for posting on this important issue and adding your voice to those of people around the world. This type of injustice must stop.

lincolnperry said...

Good post this movement in his behalf is getting alot of press, I'm not sure if ou saw this...

check out Aunt Jemima Revenges post, our boy gets called on the carpet. http://auntjemimasrevenge.blogspot.com/2009/05/whoopie-goldberg-tells-truth-about.html

SjP said...

Much obliged for participating in this important call to action. I hope you will accept a token of my appreciation left at the old SjP’s for you. Just learned that MSM is being denied access to Troy.