Tuesday, May 5, 2009

OK we get it

On FOX's new blog they put this out. HT to GrannyStandingForTruth.We went through this during the primaries.OK we get it. You want to shoot the black guy.I wonder if the government is on top of this.It took five years to get Clarence Thomas white supremacist and he was Philippino .The person that put the photo together should be investigated.I still remember when the white guy walked up to the then Senator Obama in Philly. People everywhere were offended.We all know that a black guy with a bowtie is not getting in 100 miles of George Bush.The thing about this that piss me off is that FOX does this EVERY DAY. You should see the death threats on Gretawire. One guy named Gator Bob straight out calls for the assassination of the President . He even has his photo on the site.Let's get real, when people made the same statements about Bush I felt the same way.If you are going to talk about killing the President, what's next.they need to be locked up .Why ? Because my Granny said so, that's why.

Remember they did this before.

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vanishing point said...

Glad that you posted this, I see the Daily Kos just doesn't seem to care too much about this, so much for left wing liberals who love to love themselves. That one comment was downright disrespectful snark, if you ask me.
Granny, thanks for this!