Sunday, September 7, 2008

Who's house.....?Run's house.

E4E don't mind that I "stole" this from her.Her blog is Watergate Summer

Governor Palin supposedly has THREE houses, So I found an Interesting tidbit in the enacted 2008 Budget about a "Governor House"...I was puzzled by this, and WHY I could not even find a photo of the Governor Mansion on Wikipedia, even though it is Listed in the National Historic Registry.The Governor's Mansion photo has been removed from Wikipedia as of Sept 7, 2008. And yet earlier this year ,in August Tadd Palin was seen giving other first ladies framed photos of the Mansion at a luncheon at the Mansion.Regardless of the Photo problems, I still found a photo of the Mansion.

So she has the House , the Family Home in Wasilla, and then the Governor Mansion that is already paid for and was built in Juneau in 1936. So I have to ask the line in the 2008 Enacted Budget about " Governor's House- $397,000" WHAT and WHERE is That House ? And is it Usual for the State Budget to fund a House for the Governor ?

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