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Lies and Smears From Sean Hannity At The Values Voters Summit

Lies and Smears From Sean Hannity At The Values Voters Summit
Reported by Priscilla - September 16, 2008 - From Newshounds

Last weekend’s “Values Voters Summit” was an all star carnival of leading luminaries of the radical, American religious right. Sponsored by the Family Research Council (headed by Tony Perkins who had some past connection to David Duke and the KKK) it included that valiant paragon of morality, in (and outside) marriage, Newt Gingrich and that model of political purity, Tom DeLay. Other participants were straight out of a who’s who of the American Taliban (whoops American conservative movement) such as Bill (abort the black babies and the crime rate will go down) Bennett, Michelle (we don’t need environmentalism because Jesus already saved the planet) Bachman, Lou (my wife will love these racist waffles) Dobbs, and young fascist (whoops Republican) Jason (I’m not in Iraq because I’m busy fighting the “culture war”) Mattera. And included in this list of Christian warriors, whose mission is to defend “America’s families against the radical liberal agenda,” was none other than “great American” Sean Hannity (who was introduced as such with the “Let Freedom Ring” music as background). I actually reviewed his speech on You Tube (talk about gag reflexes) and will highlight some of his violations of at least one of the Commandments.

The speech was essentially an endorsement of John McCain and a trashing of Barack Obama with some “values” talk thrown in. It was straight RNC talking points including the Barack Obama as “appeaser” and Michelle Obama as unpatriotic for daring to say her country is “mean.” Hannity wasted no time in repeating a discredited Fox smear about the Obama/Resko land deal and the accusation that Obama got federal money for Resko to rehab buildings. Hannity wanted to know why reporters aren’t investigating Black Liberation Theology and why Obama attended the Million Man March. Naturally, Obama’s “friendship” with Bill Ayers was mentioned. (Comment: Somehow, I don’t think Hannity would appreciate it if the MSM goes too deeply into Sarah Palin’s radical Christianity.) Oh, and speaking of “Sarah,” she was invited to the Summit but had other plans.

Hannity got in his talking points about the Founding Fathers’ embrace of Christianity by saying that Thomas Jefferson would now be run out of town for his reference to “the Creator” in the Declaration of Indepence. (Comment: more like the secular Jefferson, who authored a New Testament without the miracles, would be burnt at the stake by the “values” crowd.) Hannity then read a bogus quote from George Washington about how “it is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible.” (Comment: In the rightwing faith based world, facts are unimportant!) Pastor Hannity, in his most righteous Hannctimonious voice, was indignant that the National Organization for Women and Barbara Boxer have been critical of Sarah Palin. He then claimed that Palin is, indeed, pro choice because she “chose” to marry her high school sweetheart, give birth to a Down’s child, join the NRA, and become a political reformer. He didn’t say that she, too, has violated the commandment about lying with her insistence that she was against the Bridge to Nowhere.

Two instances of when Hannity’s nose grew longer were quite apparent. He said that after Nancy Pelosi gaveled the congressional session closed, the Republicans stayed and fought for Americans every single day. Oh really? It seems that Representative John Boehner got in a little golf. Then he repeated the lie that is oh-so-hot in the rightwing blogosphere – that NBC’s respected journalist Andrea Mitchell said that “only stupid women will vote for Sarah Palin.” Here’s the quote. You decide. “She is not appealing to the same women who were really voting or supporting Hillary Clinton on ideological issues but they think that they can peel off some of these working class women, not college educated, who, the blue collar women who were voting for Hillary Clinton and may be more conservative on social causes.”

Hannity ended with more talking points about how America needs “originalist” judges (so we reinstate slavery?), a secure border, a strong defense, free market solutions to health care, energy independence, reform of social security. (Comment: I guess that the values folks have benefited from the “Gospel of Prosperity” and don’t give a rat’s derriere about all those other folks for whom lack of employment and housing foreclosures are a problem. It’s all about embryos and those in persistent vegetative states. Anyone else is on their own!) But he saved the best for last when he envisioned an America where children will go to school, like in the old days, and say the Pledge of Allegiance with their hands over their hearts. (Comment: huh??)

Comment: Two things. News Hounds Ellen deserves so much credit for reviewing this unadulterated drek and as comic strip Cathy would say – “Akkkkkkkkk”

Addendum - Hannity aided and abetted another liar when he briefly mentioned how Obama supports killing babies and noted how Jill Stanek, "who found a Down's baby in a hospital closet," would be discussing this at length.

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