Monday, September 1, 2008

Some things just D.J. themselves.

I was watching a special on music one time that had Grandmaster Flash on it.He explained what the favorite record of D.J.s was, Trans-Europe Express by Kraftwerk.He said you could go to the bathroom, eat anything while the record played.The record D.J.s' itself.

Today that's what I'll do with my blog. The following is from the Sugar and Spice blog.Sugar says she is a black woman.I don't believe she's black or a woman.I let my blog D.J itself while she speaks.This is her address if you don't believe that she wrote it

A song for Hillary,Sarah Palin, and PUMA.

Hold fast Hillary. Hold fast Sarah Palin. Hold fast PUMAs. The attacks are coming hard and fast from the Obama supporters because they are in an absolute frenzy that we women-folks are causing so much trouble for their Messiah. I'm especially ashamed of the female Obama supporters who are traipsing around letting themselves be pimped out by those thugs, acting as though they speak for Hillary supporters. Well, they don't speak for me and I will be voting for McCain in November.

If you are so concerned about a "woman's right to choose" you should have thought about that during the primaries. Now, just keep your damned legs closed or make him put a sleeve on that dick. A baby doesn't have to happen. It's up to you. Besides, with all of this damned HIV and Super AIDS we are dealing with, why in the hell aren't you making these guys wear condoms anyway? How about "choose" to use some common sense and use protection!? Shut up all of this shit talking about Roe v. Wade being "rolled back". Nobody's rolling anything back. If it were going to happen, it would have already happened under the Nimrod in Chief we've got now. You made your bed, lay in it!

The constant refrain we heard from so many women during the primaries was, "We would like to see a woman president, just not this woman," with such disdain for Hillary. Well, we would like to see an African-American become president, just not this one.

Anyway, check out Chaka Khan, the icon, and Mary J Blige, the queen, expressing what these folks need to keep in mind. I'm sick of this shit from them and they get what they deserve after McCain kicks that ass in a few weeks. --SUGAR

Did anything happen while I was gone?

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