Monday, September 8, 2008

The AfroSpear Says, "I Am A Community Organizer"

The AfroSpear
The AfroSpear Says, "I Am A Community Organizer"
Press Release For Immediate Release
Day of Blogging for Justice: Community OrganizersThe AfroSpear Announces
Day of Blogging for Community Organizer Justice on Sep 8, 2008

Cincinnati, OH - Sep 7, 2008 - I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a 'community organizer,' except that you have actual responsibilities.
- Sarah Palin, 2008

Wiith those caustic words, Gov Sarah Palin ignited a firestorm in the African American community. Palin's words resulted in a call being issued by The AfroSpear for a 'Day of Blogging for Justice: Community Organizers'.

The AfroSpear notes that many heed the call for community organizing within the Black community, both online and in the 'real world', as teachers, church deacons, and non-profit volunteers. We condemn statements that criticize community organizing - statements that challenge the value of the "one thousand points of light" volunteerism, non-profit and charitable work that President George H.W. Bush made a centerpiece of his social programs.

Rather than attempt to score political points by attacking charitable and non-profit sector efforts, those who seek to lead America should join those community organizers in churches, schools, PTAs, Girls and Boys Clubs, and all those who work tirelessly to make America a better place, every day of the week.

Therefore, on Monday, September 8, 2008, The AfroSpear will conduct a Day of Blogging for Justice: Community Organizers. AfroSpear members and supporters will blog to highlight the crucial community-building efforts of people online and in our own communities. Even a church choir is a community organizing effort and no one should belittle such efforts.

This is a nonpartisan effort. If you have questions or wish to discuss further you can reach out to any member of The AfroSpear including Wayne Hicks, Francis Holland or Frederic Mitchell.
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