Monday, September 8, 2008

PUMA Fraud

August 27, 2008
The Great Pundit Cable Republican PUMA Fraud (Brent Budowsky)
@ 5:16 pm

Yes, indeed, one of the pundits with the latest "Hillary supporters will vote Republican" words admitted she was repeating the GOP talking points, which indeed she was, along with the jib-jab of the cable talkies and the flim-flam of the so-called experts who treat smears as truth and talking points as news.

The "Hillary supporters will vote Republican" myth is a fraud, a figment of the imagination of Fox News, a fantasy of the Hillary-obsessed pundit class, and a mirage that will be shattered when the PUMA Republicans are revealed for the fraud they are and more than 90 percent of the Hillary supporters will vote against more war, against overturning Roe v. Wade and against the economic royalism of the oil company party led by John McCain, who opposes equal pay for women while he would privatize Social Security for the elderly.

The pundits chortled when a Gallup poll showed McCain pulling ahead, but they are silent when the next Gallup poll showed Barack back on top.

Here's the catch. When CNN dredged up that African-American Hillary delegate saying she would give Barack Obama two months to prove his worth to her, that woman will end up voting for Obama and is counted in the bogus math of the alleged "Hillary supporters will vote for McCain.” In fact, the polls that show Obama slightly ahead count NONE of those alleged "Hillary voters" as Obama voters when in truth MOST of them will be.

In short, they are already being counted AGAINST Barack, yet when there is movement in their numbers, it will be TO Barack.

Let’s be clear. This convention has not dealt with economic or energy issues, as it should have. Democrats are in the fight of their lives. Make no mistake about that.

But make no mistake about this, either. No matter how many times the pundits repeat the Republican talking points, no matter how much the cable talkies are obsessed with Hillary, no matter how much propaganda is spread by the Republicans and repeated on the cables as news or by the pundits as wisdom, the truth is this …

The PUMAs are nothing but a fraud who speak for no one except a handful of people and Republicans who support them, promote them, and try to sell them to the press as they once sold Mr. Chalabi as the future of Iraqi democracy and once sold Jack Abramoff as the go-to power guy in Washington.

It is fraud, it is a sham, it is a myth — and don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise.


Christopher said...

The PUMA loons are closet Republicans.

Never trust a PUMA or a Clinton, is now my motto!

vanishing point said...

I honestly believe that the Clinton supporters must be horrified by McCain's choice.
The Queen Bee Hive Express is the most frightening prospect I can think of, worse than Bush/Cheney.
Clinton supporters might have been angry about losing to a man, but they are not stupid, and I trust that Hillary's supporters will vote for Obama.
PUMA doesn't really represent Hillary Supporters or even democrats. Yup, Christopher, I believe you're right, PUMA loons are closet Republicans, just like the nuts from Stop-Obama.

kid said...

OT, congratulations Kathy on Field giving you shine.