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Let's go all the way,Pt 2

Here's a little information on Gov.Palin and the man she supported for president in 2000 Pat Buchanan.

Pat Buchanan. Anti-Feminism (0+ / 0-)

In a 1983 syndicated column, Buchanan wrote women are "simply not endowed by nature with the same measures of single-minded ambition and the will to succeed in the fiercely competitive world of Western capitalism."

In Right from the Beginning, Buchanan wrote: "The real liberators of American women were not the feminist noise-makers; they were the automobile, the supermarket, the shopping center, the dishwasher, the washer-dryer, the freezer." He went on to explain these conveniences allowed "Mom" to spend more time reading, teaching or getting involved in the community. He vocally opposed the policy of allowing women to serve in military combat. In Death of the West, he wrote that early campaigners for women's rights such as Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton held social views distinctly different from those of second-wave feminists of the 1960s. He has expressed his belief that the latter hold much of the responsibility for imperiling Western civilization.

In a 1977 Globe-Democrat column discussing John Toland's biography of Adolf Hitler, Buchanan wrote:

Though Hitler was indeed racist and anti-Semitic to the core, a man who without compunction could commit murder and genocide, he was also an individual of great courage, a soldier's soldier in the Great War, a political organizer of the first rank, a leader steeped in the history of Europe, who possessed oratorical powers that could awe even those who despised him...Hitler's success was not based on his extraordinary gifts alone. His genius was an intuitive sense of the mushiness, the character flaws, the weakness masquerading as morality that was in the hearts of the statesmen who stood in his path.

This is from BoBo 20 at the Daily Kos:

We all know that she is under investigation for abuse of power and there are audio recordings to back it up. What you won't hear on the news is this list of other things you didn't know about the woman they call "Miss Baracuda."

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1. Sarah Palin has an Abramoff problem - a Pro-Palin illegal mailer was sent during her gubernatorial campaign on behalf of Palin by the RGA, the DC group that got money from Abramoff, Reed, etc.

2. She advocated AGAINST mine safety / pollution control

3. She has an ANTI-ENVIRONMENT RECORD and is on the wrong side of global warming and doesn't think polar bears should be listed as endangered because it interferes with her drilling plans.

4. She's against sex education - abstinence only.

5. She appears to oppose windfall taxes on oil companies at the national level but supported them to benefit her state and she wants to drill ANWR.

6. Believes Creationism should be taught in science classes

7. Don't believe the whispers that she supportive of the GLBT community. She's opposed to state health benefits for same-sex partners and only vetoed a resolution that would have ended state benefits because the Supreme Court had already declared it unconstitutional.

8. She's opposed to universal health care and stem cell research

9. No foreign policy experience? According to the folks at FOX think she has foreign policy experience because "Alaska is near Russia."

10. She doesn't know what the Vice President really does.

11. This choice is NOT helping McCain's polling numbers, especially with women.

12. McCain only met Sarah Palin ONCE and talked to her TWICE making this a purely cynical and desperate political appointment by HIS CAMPAIGN not by him! She's not really HIS VP choice.

13. She's deeply connected to the Bridge to Nowhere.

14. She stated that she would force her own daughter to have a rapist's child.

15. She has 3 houses

16. Terre pointed out that she's connected to VECO - the company at the heart of Ted Stevens' troubles. She also received an endorsement from Ted that has suddenly disappeared from her webpage.

17. She called candidate Clinton a whiner. Why does everyone in the McCain campaign think others are whiners?

18. She apparently hasn't taken a stand on most major political issues

19. Her selection has created a major rift among the Republicans, especially Romney & Pawlenty.

20. Past quotes by Rove make Palin's selection look like desperation.

21. Palin may have been scrubbing her own wikipedia page

22. Sarah Palin, Buchanite - Palin supported Pat Buchanan in 2000, a fact which may alienate certain Florida voters. Hat tip to misslotus

23. She was vetted too quickly and McCain only picked her the night before making the announcement.

24. She's still focused on Alaska not the fact the she would be Vice President for the whole nation.

25. She participated in a profane on-air attack againt the Alaskan State Senate President and giggled at the word b*tch..

26. Like Bush and McCain, she can't admit when she's wrong.

27. She's linked to the Dominionist movement and Joel's Army.

28. The United Steelworkers have already spoken out against her.

29. She was a bad mayor who left her town's economy in tatters.

30. She supported Obama's energy plan, but suddenly these references are disappearing.

31. Some of the PUMA's believe that John McCain is patronizing them.

32. Additionally, this choice eliminates the "He's not ready" attack on Obama.

33. This choice raises the issue of McCain's age (Is Palin ready to take over if he keels over).

34. It also raises the issue of McCain's past unfavorable statements against women.

35. Additionally, this choice reminds us that McCain is an adulterer and raises the spectre that he is just a dirty old man with wandering eyes.

36. Palin's husband is on BP's payroll creating a possible conflict of interest.

37. She made extremely poor use of Eminent Domain during her time as mayor.

38. She favors censoring library books (Alert your local librarian!)

39. Sen. Ted Stevens and Rep. Don Young (both under investigation) campaigned for her in 2006.

40. She didn't support McCain in the primaries.

41. The top 2 ALASKAN newspapers question her fitness for the job.

42. She supports aerial hunting of wolves even though it was outlawed by Congress. She's using a loophole.. Hat tip to Scarce

UPDATED: 43. She's part of Feminists for Life and is AGAINST BIRTH CONTROL. It would be awesome if someone asked her McCain's now famous "should insurance companies cover viagra/birth control" question.

44. Undecideds apparently don't like the Palin pick. Thanks marabout40!

45. More environmental problems - She fighting to prevent Belugas from being listed as endangered. Thanks again Terre!

46. In addition to polar bears, belugas, and wolves, for the first time in Alaskan history she is supporting hunting black bear sows and cubs. Thank you for the information Bodean.

47. She's either going to be distracted by being deposed soon or she is going to draw negative attention by trying to avoid being deposed.

48. There have been discussion of witness tampering and possible impeachment hearings related to charges of her abuse of power

49. MEME: Palin's selection provides a clear example of John McCain's hasty decision-making and poor judgement on important issues (like who would be best qualified to take his place if he could not complete his term).

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