Thursday, October 8, 2009

WTF, is up with Australians?

I guess where Rupert's from making fun of black people is wholesome fun.So what is offensive, making fun of a deceased personality so soon, showing lack of respect for a culture, or the blackface? I would say all three especially the blackface.There is no white equivalent of what was done.


vanishing point said...

hey you are back!!!

well, i did like that they got a zero, but then the next idiot thought they were cute or something, that is f'd up.

Anonymous said...

I read about this at the office earlier today. There is something seriously wrong with Australian TV, not to mention people who enjoy this type of humor.

kid said...

What's up Kathy and Rock!

Imagine a country where ALL of the media is controlled by one guy.That place is Australia. They are more pissed at Harry Connick response than their own ignorance.

Tim Gunter said...

Australians also like fart humor. Kevin Bloody Wilson is one such person.