Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Self Hating Negro

The photo is from Kevin Jackson site The Black Sphere.Kevin is what's known as a self hating negro .He sell anti Black shirts and anti President Obama books. When I questioned him about what a Republican did to the President , his response is always "the Democrats did it." His only joy is to ridicule a black man .His site connects with PUMA . As we know there are many overt racist on PUMA's site .One is called J.J. Solari a bigot that loves what Kevin does .The comment below came from Solari site .

The nigger in chief is all chimpy and screeching and throwing bananas all over his cage about Fox News. He's upset because it's "unbiased." Unbiased to the nigger coon in chief means "worshipful of the nigger coon in chief." It shows you how stupid this dumbass moolie really is. The only thing ON the news is Washington politics. How can you be fucking "unbiased" about what that nigger and his faggot legions of Masonic boy-loving Muslim ass-reamers in Congress are doing? Who would not have an OPINION about all this mother fucking crap? That piece-of-shit nigger. Talk about nerve. He's gotta be half Jew. His nigger-fucking mom must have been a fucking Jewess

J.J. Solari


GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Are you sure that they are black and not some folks from Stormfront posing as blacks. The sure sound like it to me. They sound like another front for Stormfront that is the language they use.

kid said...

Granny, these people give me a headache.There are some black people that love to see other blacks suffer.He got mad at me for telling him what these white racist were saying about him behind his back.

The man just hates himself.He loves being a floor mat for white racist.

Unknown said...

One thing is for sure he is one sick puppy. He has some serious mental issues.