Monday, August 25, 2008

Welcome to Denver Fox

I have a strange feeling that the only rioting in Denver will be directed at the Fox news crews.I was worried about what PUMA would do but I'm relieved that all 20 of them,yes 20 will just chill the hell out.Here's something to think about if you love Hillary, one of the leaders of PUMA said that they helped raised $10 million towards removing Hillary debt.They actually raised about $80,000. What happen to all those 18 million cracks in the ceiling?Hillary probably smoked those 18 million pieces of crack.I still think something strange is going on.Why is it that most of Hillary's former staffers now work for Fox ? Something is going on here and it don't look right.I hope I'm wrong.


All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

man it should be pretty interesting i mean 2 nights of the Clinton klan and folk from MICH and FLA

vanishing point said...

I keep thinking that Hill's going to get a place in Obama's admin.

Christopher said...

The networks almost completely ignore Obama.

It's all about Hillary and Billary.

Well, fuck you, Hillary and Billary Clinton. This ain't your party anymore.