Sunday, August 31, 2008


Phase two of high tech lynching doing a unfunny movie dissing Michael Moore and Sen.Obama.It stars Gary Coleman and David Alan Greer as slaves.It features Bill Oreilly as a Hero.If you're in the Klan its the feel good movie of the year.It comes out a month before the election.I AM NOT MAKING THIS SHIT UP,I REPEAT I AM NOT MAKING THIS STUFF UP!

Here are some reviews:

D.Duke "I loved it ,especially the slavery"

A.Hitler " Me ,Pat Buchanan and Gov.Palin loved it"

B.Oreilly "F*** it, I guess we have to shoot it now"

As a added bonus lets go down memory lane and look at Sean Hannity's sleepover buddy Harold "Hal" Turner.Watch for yourselves as a Tiger quickly turns into a pussy.


libhom said...

Anyone who thinks slavery is funny is utterly reprehensible.

Yobachi said...

That's what happens when you try to battle educated Black men who know how to argue and won't let you just holler over them; especially when you have skeltons in the closet.

Tim Gunter said...

Well, there is no way I am going to pay 9 or 10 dollars and see this movie. I am an avid collectors of Micheal Moore's films. The only one I don't have is "The Big One." FOX has turned its viewership into an angry mob from hell. And there is no doubt that Sean knew Hal Turner. He probably met Dr. William Pierce.

kid said...

Hey Tim he slept at Klannity's house in Lloyd Harbor and was invited to the studio. He was a frequent guess on the show.Its on his wiki page. Then there's the web site where he show people how to make pipebombs and not get know that they will get hit hard if people find out.Remember Sen.Obama never let a terrorist sleep at his house, but Klannity did.His name on the show was "Hal from Bergen".He has several films on youtube.Yes Klannity had a neo-Nazi , anti-Semitic,racist,drug addicted,alleged bi-sexual,bombmaker at his house.

SJustice said...

We nned to make sure this Hal Turner thing get's to the mainstream. Especially when Hannity and Fox news criticizes Obama on any of his past associations. That entire news channel is for white supremacists and if you don't believe me look at Bill O'Reilly's interview with John McCain about immigration and this being a white christian country. As for the Michael Moore parody, Gary Coleman and David Alan Grier must really need the work. I noticed that all of the stars beginnig with Kelsey Grammer are republicans. So much for Hollywood liberalism.