Sunday, August 17, 2008


Clayton Bigsby - video powered by Metacafe

Swill O'Liely just made a movie, its about Michael Moore.Gary Coleman and David Allen Greer star as slaves. It shows Bill with J.F.K and Gen.Patton as icons of just-US. It comes out in October.What the hell is wrong with America? You have the book of Sen.Obama with the phony quotes and lies in it. You have a movie about him coming out soon.Someone has to stop Fox,they're destroying America and no one can stop them. I just got my phone cut back on, and now I'm ready for payback.

A lot has happen since I was cut off,but you have the same crap going on.The lies, propaganda, the planned riot in Denver by Hillary's PUMA racist.Fox sent lawyers to help the people of Denver that want to express their freedom to assemble(riot). I going to contact embassies in Muslim countries and ask them to expel the anti-Islamic Fox reporters from the there. Fox must be stopped.

Never in my life have I seen journalist joke about killing a presidential candidate, and America is silent.Hey Saddleback Church, do Otis Moss III deserves a fatwa on him by Fox? Rev.Warren have you seen the newspaper with the target of a certain candidate on it? the picture of his wife being branded?America is so full of it.Racist are going to give Herr Bush a third chance of destroying America, meanwhile Sean Klannity has a neo-Nazi , anti semitic, bomb maker at his house for a sleepover, and McPain don't say Shiite.God bless America... and no place else.

This video is dedicated to the Toms such as Make it Plain, SugarnSpice, Juan Williams, jesse Lee Peterson,Erik Rush , and all the other anti-Americans that want to have a third coup of the U.S. by the Republiklans,FU-2.


Kellybelle said...

Welcome back!!

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Dude, I was wondering what happened to you. Welcome back.

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Hey, update my membership in your Pirate Posse. I'm back, too.

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