Sunday, August 31, 2008

The High -Tech Lynching will commence

From Newshounds:

Bill O'Reilly forced out of his comfort zone for three whole days, while in Denver, ran back to New York on Wednesday evening, Telling viewers, last night, that his plane landed at 2 AM, he wanted to emphasize the urgency of his return. BOR claimed that besides the difficult logistics of broadcasting in a stadium, he returned home to oversee the production of his 25 part Obama Chronicles.

Yes, Bill O'Reilly, looking grave and heroic, informed viewers of his grand mission to save them from Barack Obama . Ray Bradbury grabbed our imagination in 1950 with his classic Martian Chronicles then we were enchanted by C.S Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia. Will the Obama Chronicles capture the American psyche too?

What profound revelations about Barack Obama and his family will O'Reilly offer in 25 segments? We can expect the usual suspects like Wright, Ayers, Pfleger, Rezko, parents and grandparents, friends ( foreign names preferred), Michelle and of course Jesse Jackson.

What important questions will be explored in this classic in the making? Is Obama really a citizen, a secret muslim, a revolutionary like Ayers, a crook like Rezko, a (gasp) socialist. Then there are the other burning issues like his preference for arugula over iceberg and his poor bowling skills. The list is endless and it better be if BOR intends to fill 25 segments.

Bill O'Reilly's TPM last night was just the usual offering of anger, disdain, spite, and ego. It was obvious that he was relieved to be back in his cocoon where he could safely bash and smear his perceived enemies without risk.

note: No doubt, Bill O'Reilly forgot to announce his plans for a 25 part series about John McCain. I'm sure he must have mentioned it last night and I somehow missed it.

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