Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hillary its all your fault.,accept it.

There wouldn’t be a problem if Hillary didn’t act like a Klanslady.Running around drinking moonshine,talking about hers guns and religion.I still don’t believe her. First she should apologize to Rev.Wright and Rev.Moss for the death threats.Rev.Otis Moss III is the son of Dr.Otis Moss Jr. He was M.L.K. best friend.Hillary said that she wouldn’t attend a church like that. When her husband was caught getting his Duck Sick Rev.Wright was there for them.She also went on Oreilly show and said how fair he is. Oreilly is a racist and Fox has called her a bitch many times.Bill Clinton visited Rush Limbaugh ,a man that committed voter fraud on the citizens of Cuyahoga County , and the state of Ohio, for Hillary.That was a piss poor apology,If you don’t believe me just ask Rev.Moss the new minister of Trinity Church in Chicago.Thanks Hillary.

Let's see if Bill will apologize. No I don't think so.If you want my support,in memory of Steffannie Tubbs-Jones go after Rush Limbaugh for the voter fraud and take a swipe at Fox, a hard swipe , then we can talk.Stop being the phonies that we know you are.

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