Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Remember when we used to hang together?

I just came from newshounds site and I seen something that didn't shock me. It was the usual stuff, Kowboy Klannity Kostello has Tom on show that say it's ok to say racist things about blacks. The day before Swill Orellly goes after blacks(it was MLK day),Hannity does the same. That just the problem,it did't shock me. Fox disrespects black all the time. It gotten to the point that this is norm. Nobody does anything.

The worst part is the Blacks that go on Fox in the first place. Roy and Niger Innis trying to get Dog "The Racist" Bounty Hunter his job back, Jesse Lee Peterson telling Sean its ok for Whites to insult Blacks. What is up with us? We should be outraged!

What is it with Fox and Blacks? Do they give you a $100 Million Dollars to sell us out ? Is this part of some new stratagy to fool Fox? It has got to stop . We can't let there exist a station who can make money off of African Americans, but gives us no respect. There has to be a world wide boycott and it has to start now. It seems that each year more and more of our rights are taken. The Don Imus insults, Oreilly's Sylvia's insult , the Jena noose incident It begs me to ask one question. Remember when we use to....hang together.

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