Monday, January 28, 2008

It official Obama will be the "first" black president

Obama just won S.C. Now he getting endorsements.First, J.F.K.'s daughter Caroline said Barack reminds her of her father.Then Ted Kennedy said Barack reminds him of his brother , and then he went after Clinton. Now Toni Morrison is taking Bill's "ghetto pass" back. Sister(from Northeast Ohio no less) is backing Obama.

If Bill really cared about being "black" he would let the real brother step in. I know Bill loves his wife ,but the bashing that Obama took turned Ted and Toni off. He should try to help unite the party and get behind Barack. Now I don't just support Obama because he black, I support him because he's democrat and black.Clarence Tom Ass is black and I don't support him. Juan Williams is black and I don't support him (yes he's a so called democrat , but in name only.)To be real the canidate that scored the highest rating from the Congressional Black Caucus just left the race. Yep, Dennis Kuchinich. Well Dennis don't worry, maybe if you talk to Toni she could hook you up with Bill's "ghetto pass". You could be the honorary second (or third) black president.

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