Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Nigerian or the Nazi?

Ok, Obama just won South Carolina. He won a large amount of the Black vote. He won a large majority of white males. People are shocked. Is it that race is not a concern for voters any more? Has America grown up?I think it more to this than meets the eye.

A few years ago Pope John Paul II died. The worry was could we find a sucessor that's as good as John Paul? They went to the Vanican and voted and voted. It came to choosing between two Cardinals, the one from Nigeria and the one from Germany. The Nigerian Cardinal had a pretty good record, well you could even say average. Now Cardinal Ratzinger was a member of the Nazi Party. Now I heard the vote was close. I be damned! How close can it be. The choice was the ni**er or the Nazi? Choose the guy that ran with Hitler? Many Italians even said that picking a black Pope would mean the end of the world. Well the worlds still here and only Bush is messing the world up.

I think that Americans have matured a bit. If the world can see how racist it would be to pick a Nazi Pope over a Black one, then why can't white men vote more for Obama than Hillary.Some white racist probably thought about this while their home is in forecloser. Some probably thought about this while their son or daughter left for Iraq. Some probably thought about this while the President is about to give to the American people what is basically a bribe to vote republican this year. Some probably thought about this while going to their second job. So youu have a choice. You coule make it twelve years of republican hell while you live on the streets in a cardboard box, or you could just vote for the brother or the babe. Hey its better than voting for the Nazi? We already had one for almost eight years.

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