Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hook on chronic.

Yea, big G-Dub made his speech.One of the things he's going after is earmarks. Most politicians call it pork. Pork is spending money on wasteful projects. One dear to his heart is poor folks. He don't want to spend his money on poor folks. People on welfare and poor people don't qualify according to Bush. The whole idea of the stimilus package is to help the economy. Most middle class and higher groups are going to put the money in the bank. Now the people that can help the economy the most are the people that ain't going to get it. Most of the poor are not going to get T-Bills, they are going to get food. They might get a little gas(not from the food ,the gas station). Help pay the high heat bill. A little on rent, and maybe with the change left they can get that new sandwich at Micky-D's. You know I think bush is high , he might be hook on chronic.

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