Friday, January 25, 2008

God Bless America

Today I drove to work listening to the Michael Baisden Show. He had Hillary Clinton on explaining why people should vote for her. My jaw dropped when she went after illegal immigrants. She even sounded like Michael Gallagher, known racist and conservative radio host. She said ," this is America, speak english." Well someone has to break it Hill. First, most Hispanic immigrants are bilingual. Second, it sounds biggoted to tell a group what you want them to do. Finally, most older hispanic are the ones that have a hard time speaking english. Basically Hillary you were just like Gallagher telling poor old abulita (grandma in spanish) to go F- her self.

The media has been saying how Obama will get the Black vote and Hillary will get the women and Hispanic vote. Hillary you messed up big time. You thought that in Nevada standing next to America Ferrera TV's Ugly Betty you could get the Hispanic vote and go home. You guess wrong.Michael Baisden's newest market is Tampa,(I wonder who lives down there?) You thought you were speaking to a black South Carolina audience but in reality you were speaking to a national audience. What will Puerto Ricans in N.Y . feel about that? (I know Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens but this will piss them off , just ask Geraldo) . Domicians in Denver, Costa Ricans in Columbus? When La Raza get a hold of this you may still have the women vote , but now you pissed off two minority groups.

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