Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Is Juan Williams a Koch head?

uncle juan

I was trying to look for material to put into a diary about the Koch Family . At the same time I wanted to do a diary about Juan Williams coming to town, guess what happened.


News Talk 1420 AM WHK

Education Revolution: Restoring America's Exceptionalism Tour

American 15-year-olds rank 35th out of 57 countries in math and literacy, behind almost all industrialized nations! America shouldn’t be 35th in anything. Be part of the revolution to restore America’s exceptionalism!

Special guests, Juan Williams, Fox News political commentator, author and journalist, and Hugh Hewitt, popular radio talk show host will be featured speakers at the town hall. Matt Mayer, President of the Buckeye Institute, will serve as moderator, and the panel will include other guests such as State Treasurer Josh Mandel, who will speak on the subject of school choice.


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From Education Revolution website:

Now we all know Juan as the Democratic quissling and the Washington General of the Fox Channel. Hugh is a Right Wing radio talk show host who had a guest on his show Friday called for the bombing of Egypt. Josh Mandel is the new Treasures of the State of Ohio that called his opponent Kevin Boyce a Muslim:

Boy that was nasty , wasn't it. I wonder if everyone on the panel hates Muslims? Now I wanted to find out on this "fair and balanced" panel on School Choice who was Matt Mayer?

Here's Matt's bio:

From Desmoblog:

According to the tax records reviewed by Greenpeace from David H. Koch Charitable Foundation, Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation and the Claude R. Lambe Charitable Foundation:

•Top recipients in 2009 included The Institute for Humane Studies, the Mercatus Center, Americans for Prosperity, the Heritage Foundation and the Cato Institute.
• Americans for Prosperity has now received over $5.6 million in documented donations from the Koch foundations

So it looks like Matt basically works for the Koch Brothers. So this impartial, bi-partisan panel wanted to discuss education? From what I can see so far is that the Buckeye Institute which Matt Mayer works for is a School Teacher, Union busting, Charter School only entity. Come on why else was Juan Williams there? Bill Oreilly talked to him on his radio and TV show and basically said in his face that he was suprised that Black people have decient table manners and we don't scream for our Mf'er Ice Tea. Juan basically gets money on Fox to be Bill Oreilly's punching bag. As Juan said when the President won his partys nomination "the fix is in". Juan is a whore but he don't work cheap, just ask Rupert.

So the Koch family affects every American on all levels, from what they're doing to the climate, Astroturf organization to attack the President, to affecting your local schools, the fix is in.Lying to people and making this look like a bi-partisian effort only makes the Republican Party and it's members look more and more Machellivian.


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kid said...

1. I raise you a SEIU with three DEAD cops.

2. George Soros gave Lech Walesa $5 million to start Solidarity. What charity has the Koch Brothers helped other than themselves and the Tea Party?

3.Your anti-American cartoon of the President STINKS! BTW, it's not funny.