Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Palin Family is not that stupid!

I guess they ran all out of Bruce Willis signs from "Die Hard III" or raccoon outfits. Nobody but nobody is that damn stupid. Black folk are just gonna let it slide. Republicans want us to go buckwylde. Two more weeks, I'll be glad when it's over. Then we'll have to worry about what the Republicans have planned in 2012.


Lisa said...

Kid you're babbling.

kid said...

Hey Lisa, Your Momma! don't you have to get to some Conservative Citicens Council meeting?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Hi again, kid!

Lisa has her own blog where she posts her rightwing blather, but that's not enough for her. She feels she has to run to liberal blogs and make herself look like a conservative genius by typing "Kid you're babbling" in liberal comment sections.

Isn't she awesome? /sarcasm/

On another subject: I saw your comment over at GrandmaZaZa's "blog."

A fellow blogger has uncovered that "blog" as the plagiarizing pile of shyte that it is:

There are a lot of these astroturf blogs around that are about as genuine as Christine O'Donnell's college degrees.

Here's the link.

That GrandmaZaZa is an unhinged guy from New York who is so eaten up by his hatred of liberals and Mr. Obama that he's become the Sybil of the blogsphere: making up new personas weekly and setting up fake blogs.

I exposed some of the more egregious fakers over at my blog.

BTW, Lisa is a huge fan of the charlatan who runs these fraudulent blogs.

The Tea Baggers seem to be attracted to people who are fake, liars, and dishonest. Lisa always comments favorably on this guys multiple fake blogs.

That tells us all where her values are, eh?

Lisa said...

Shaw my values are anywhere this admins aren't.
Just because you bow at the Alter of Obama doesn't mean the rest of us have to love him.
Don't you have a Broadway Musical to attend?. I hear it's called "American Nightmare".
And that's being kind.

Lisa said...

by the way still doesn't change the fact that Kid is babbling unless being you are on the same intellectual plane , you can translate that "babble" he posted.
I can't wait for your answer Shaw